Simple steps to becoming a better human, even Super Human

There are many articles in this blog about life and how to improve mind, body and soul so as to become a better human. Since the collection is rather large a reader may wish for a small list that can be read quickly and followed easily. Just five earlier articles are selected here that can set any person on a quick path of evolution while increasing happiness substantially. To begin with you may wish to read what the purpose of life is in this post:

Now if this article convinces you that it is the purpose of every life to evolve into greatness let us get started. A good place to start is a simple practice called entropy yoga. You probably already know of it and follow most of it anyway. It is described here:

The next step is a practice called mindful breathing that may now be added to your routine and you shall be on your way to the stars.

While the previous articles describe how to improve health, peace and efficiency in life it also mentions that something more is required for attaining happiness. A belief in God is immensely helpful in this. If you are of modern scientific bent, you may have developed a disinterest in God as described in some religions. A modern view of the Almighty can be found in this article

An exceedingly simple practice developed around a belief in God is called Kriya Yoga as described by a modern Himalayan mystic - Baba Haidakhan. You can find out about this at the following link. The article is a bit long since it includes some biographical notes etc. but you may skip that safely and head to the central and brief description of Kriya yoga  included in that note. It is easy to understand and simple to practice.

If you like the practices described in these articles, save the link or better still make a print for filing in the order quoted here, for easy reference later. At the same time you may wish to browse through other related articles in this blog whenever you find quiet moments for that. They are based on a consistent line of logical thought and philosophy. Best wishes for your exciting journey called life that involves a few bumps in the very best of cases but you shall end up at the right destination provided you catch the right trains or planes, some as suggested in this note.

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