Kingdom of Piland –Protecting the Planet

Kingdom of Piland

It has been mentioned in various places in this blog that mankind needs to do more to protect our environment and forests. While different parts of the world have been under the jurisdiction of different countries of the world and the responsibility falls upon them, surprisingly there were still a couple of areas that were Terra Nullius, at least until a few weeks ago. Aside from protecting the environment,  it would also be good if different countries use the area under their control to help at least some others such as refugees fleeing their countries under severe distress or violence and much has been written about that in recent posts.

The two new countries have now been declared as two new Kingdoms, the Kingdom of North Sudan and the Kingdom of Piland. The first is a very tiny desert area and the second an icy sector of the Antarctica. It is not known if these claims would stand the test of time since they are very new. However, either they will or someone else will claim them or perhaps they shall be placed as a common heritage of mankind. Fortunately the second, the Kingdom of Piland has already done that in a way. It has declared that any citizen of the world may regard himself or herself as an adjunct citizen and live/visit this Kingdom provided they do not undertake any activity that damages the plants, animals and environment of the region, and that is the message of this new Kingdom for the entire planet too.

The primary objective in the creation of the Kingdom of Piland is to make contributions towards protection of the planet from environmental degradation aside from the fun of a nearly out of the world, almost fictional adventure.


His Majesty, :), has strong spiritual beliefs but none that belong exclusively to any one religion or philosophical system. They arise from both the east and the west, from ancient beliefs as well as modern ones. However he believes strongly that every human has a right to his or her own belief or none at all, and that any fanaticism in such matters is detrimental to further evolution since no finite mind, not even saints and angels, may ever know fully the mysteries of the infinite.

The pronunciation is not like Pee Land but Pie Land  (more precisely like the Pi of mathematics)   :)

Learn more about the Kingdom of Piland on Facebook and become a citizen with a click:

Territorial Claims in Antarctica, July 2014


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