Low Entropy Persons, Low Entropy Countries

A Galaxy, one of many in the Universe. The Universe is the father of all life, Earth is the mother

In a previous post it was mentioned that the basic purpose of life appears to be to evolve. In ancient times when civilization began, humans applied their mind to this notion. They came up with a large number of practices designed to improve body, mind and soul of humans. Many such practices were described by a common name Yoga. There are very many different types of yoga such as hatha yoga, kriya yoga, karma yoga and so on for the ways to improve body, mind and soul are countless.

This author has had deep interests in both physical sciences as well as spiritual sciences. As a result of this combination, the author had described a form of yoga that emerged from an intersection of both these sciences and gave it the name Entropy Yoga. It has been followed and taught by some in different parts of the world since it was introduced. An interested reader can find it in some of the early posts of this blog e.g.

What was described was that everything we do or even think, increases a certain quantity in the universe as a whole called entropy. Processes and actions that generate less entropy are more efficient than those that generate higher entropy. This principle applies not just to living beings but also to machines. For example a high entropy automobile would guzzle up much more fuel than another one of similar specifications and size that is low entropy generating one.

Amongst humans we have high entropy persons i.e. those who generate a lot of entropy during the process of living, relatively speaking. Generally high entropy person are those who are dishonest, disorderly and unclean. In comparison, a low entropy person is honest, clean, orderly and disciplined. Persons do not become low entropy persons because they necessarily practice yoga consciously or even know anything about it but more often because it is their nature or training to do so. A low entropy person may easily be recognized as more evolved compared to a high entropy one. Some may ask, what has honesty to do with evolution? It has, because look at a monkey, it will steal a banana from your kitchen and hand without any compunction but most humans would think twice about it.

The lowest entropy person is a zero entropy person i.e. someone who generates no entropy at all in whatever he does.  In science such a process is called an isentropic process. Therefore such a person may be called an isentropic personality. It is an ideal state and by definition there is only one isentropic personality in the Universe - God. Other beings may approach this state as they evolve but if they eventually reach this ideal they lose their individuality and become a part of the one and only Infinite being, a state also known as Nirvana by Buddhists. However since other processes and beings continuously increase the entropy of the universe as a whole, a day will come when the entropy of the universe would be unsustainable and require its annihilation in order to restore entropy back to a sustainable level for a new creation. From science we know that the only way to reduce entropy in the universe is by annihilation of mass. There is none other. In the meantime different parts of the universe may exist in peace by reducing their rates of entropy increase or in a mess and turmoil by generating high amounts of it.

When a large number of persons in a country are high entropy persons or if its governing structures and systems are high entropy processes then the country as a whole becomes a high entropy country, conversely it is a low entropy country. It goes without saying that high entropy countries are marked by disorder, corruption and inefficiency. At the present time it is perhaps some countries such as Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany that are the lowest entropy countries of the world. At one time UK, in the later Victorian era and for some time after, was also a very low entropy country; more recently it was America under Dwight D. Eisenhower. Both these countries are still reaping the benefits of those golden eras but it seems that it is being chipped away, bit by bit, decade by decade. These things change with time. In Asia, Singapore and Japan are examples of low entropy countries.

At the present time, perhaps Syria is the highest entropy country in the world. Sub-Saharan countries and South Asian ones are also some of the highest entropy countries of the world. When the entropy generation rate of a country becomes very high, it becomes unsustainable for humans to live in and they run away and become refugees. Although entropy may be high throughout a region or country, its source can be a single person, just as the source of reducing entropy in the universe is a Single Person. Not removing this cause would not help to reduce entropy and from this analysis pursuing things like ISIL would be futile in bringing peace to Syria unless this single point cause is dealt with, in order to make life bearable for the refugees to return home.

High entropy countries are marked not just by the presence of disorder and uncleanliness but also lack punctuality, constantly changing practices, schedules aside from all other manners of disorder. During my life time the design of coins, telephone numbers and schedules of examinations has changed so many times in India that it is difficult to even enumerate. It goes without saying that train timings and every other time including those of meetings and wedding ceremonies are never ever punctual. On the other hand, I have lived in Canada too and during my life time the design of coins, university exam schedules and my old phone number has not yet changed, although they added a new coin called the Loony some decades ago but that is development not increasing entropy. The first is an example of a high entropy country and the second a low entropy one, and it is not the cold and the snow that does it as some seem to think. In India one of the highest entropy provinces is also the coldest one - Kashmir.

Entropy yoga produces a high degree of efficiency but in itself it does not lead to a reduction of stress  It has to be followed by other yoga that include principles of love, truth and  simplicity. In the absence of that the increased energy may in fact increase stress, the state of many developed nations in the world today. However, it is the first step to evolution and cannot be skipped if humans wish to improve.

It was not always like this in India. One of its earliest civilization, called the Indus valley civilization is an example of the lowest entropy civilization mankind has ever seen on the planet. It was marked by a high degree of order and cleanliness. Even five thousand years ago the cities had covered drains and individual toilets. So stable were its practices that even its home and street designs did not change for a thousand years.It appears to be the source from which organized human civilisation began in the world. Sumerian and Nile civilisations came later. See:


Recently, India elected a new government. The new leader – Narendra Modi – appears to be a low entropy personality of a high order. Indeed the first aspiration he expressed for India was of cleanliness, a desire for a low entropy state. Perhaps under his leadership India will once again begin its long march to becoming a low entropy country.


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