Are child migrants to America illegal?

There is a lot of misery around the world and a lot of refugees. America or any one country in the world cannot take them all, but perhaps America could take a few as its share, as long as the practice of hosting refugees continues around the world, a policy that America has actively supported and even encouraged in the past, as far as other countries are concerned.

It is now America’s turn to host its share. There are about ten million refugees around the world and around 192 countries, discounting tiny city states. The share per country if divided equally comes to around 52000 for America, 10,000000/192 = 52000. However, if the division is done on the basis of size of a country the share of America would be much larger. The difference between illegal immigrants and refugees is that whereas the former arrive as a steady trickle, the latter come as a flood.

A much larger number shall arrive in the near future until America assists affected Central American countries in overcoming the violence and the mess. America may have contributed in several direct and indirect ways in the past in creating this mess through things such as much liberal sale of guns, supporting sycophant yet unworthy leaders and love of drugs while declaring them illegal. It is only now that some are waking up to realize that Alcohol and illegality has killed far more than the drugs by themselves ever would, as they did not for five thousand years of civilization. The ways to stop drug violence is legalizing drugs, supporting honest leaders and controlling guns. Legalising drugs makes it unprofitable for criminal gangs to develop around their trade. Some of the money saved on the drug war can then be spent on education about drugs and treatment centers for those caught up adversely, a far more civilized activity than bang bang games that is scaring the wits out of the kids and making their mothers paranoid with fear for their safety. One may muck up one's backyard until the muck overflows into one's home. That time has come now and the way to clear it is to clear the backyard and not just build a higher wall because then the stench that would pass over the wall would become unbearable.

What the reluctant bride said 

Whatever be the share of America, refugees cannot be expected to cross a border legally. They have never done so anywhere in the world. They just make a run for it anyway they can as they flee their original home that becomes untenable because of violence and war. That is the way of the refugees and cannot be called illegal anymore than a man can be charged for obscenity for stripping in bed on his honeymoon night because that is the way of a honeymoon. The point being made is that an inappropriate act becomes appropriate in a different set of circumstances.

Children of drug wars,
Refugees fleeing violence need protection as long as violence continues in their home countries and children detached from their parents need protection as long as they are detached from their parents. Just in case one happens to be both, a detached child refugee how much more is the need of such a protection? The younger the child, the greater the need. 

Trying to place such children in shelters within existing communities is a very bad idea. If the community is unwelcoming as most are in such situations, it increases the trauma of the children. It can only be seen as an attempt to harass these sweet distressed children further. That is not how refugees are handled in any country usually. When that is done it creates avoidable stress for the refugees and the hosts. They are best housed in independent camps. More on as to how this may be done is in the earlier posts of this blog on the issue, even in innovative ways so that this becomes an opportunity to help the economy rather than become a burden on it, the bridges, schools and roads President Obama has been trying to put up desperately as a job creation measure.
Rise up America! Listen hear ye angels sing, an opportunity to earn a joyous blessing,  has arrived at your door today.

UPDATE JULY 16, 2014

Pope Francis has  voiced his message on this issue here The message is essentially the same one that this blogger has voiced now for weeks in this blog and elsewhere.This blogger is not a Roman Catholic. The common element is humanism
The Pope has called for tens of thousands of unaccompanied child migrants to be “welcomed and protected” as they attempt to enter the U.S. from Central America and Mexico.


NOTE 1: In some recent releases in the press, it seems that some incorrect/misleading information is being given e.g. see this , while it is being mentioned that political/religious reasons are grounds for asylum, the fact that fleeing violence is also a valid ground as per 1967 amendments is being withheld,  perhaps because that is the only ground that applies to these unfortunate unaccompanied child refugees. Please see 

NOTE 2: Another fact that is leading to confusion is mixing up several issues i.e adults and unaccompanied children, at times intentionally to confound the issue perhaps. Ilegal immigrants i,.e. undocumented immigrants and refugees. All of the blog posts of this author are restricted exclusively to unaccompanied minors only arriving as refugees fleeing violence. He has neither fully reflected on the issue of adults nor has he any comments to offer as regards adult immigrants, legal or illegal. The inspiration for this as well as earlier post of this blogger is simply and exclusively just one thing - compassion for children in distress, detached from their parents, and younger the child, greater that compassion.

NOTE 3: The shot term, medium term and log term solution to the problem lies in legalizing drugs. The crime, gangs and violence as well as dangers of drugs will vanish overnight. The money saved in fighting drug crimes can then be utilized for drug education and rehabilitation. Check out this study:


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