The best dressed and most beautiful men and women in the world today - and the impoverished

Shri Narendra Modi in shades of  NAMO  Blue
Some things that used to take months or years of research a few decades ago can now be done amazingly in a few minutes with the help of new technologies and services.  Just as an example, if we wished to search for the best dressed persons in the world today who are also regarded as some of the most beautiful humans on the planet, one can do that in seconds provided the right key words for that are used in a google search, and voila within seconds, with a high degree of accuracy you would have all the persons with their images neatly compiled on one page as this blogger discovered by using the search terms. What is even more significant is that it is a living list that is updated on a continuous basis. There are other famous agencies and organizations in the world that put out similar lists from time to time. However this list has the advantage that it is discovered on the basis of the best available computer intelligence today and therefore no vested interest, human bias - racial or political can enter the selection as may happen in selections made by humans. Age is not a barrier for getting on this list.  The results are at this Google link. The results display the dress colors chosen by the most beautiful and successful persons in the world today.
Although the given link shows many celebrities in expensive clothes, the consistent view of this blogger is that beauty and simplicity are closely connected. Therefore enhancing human beauty neither requires expensive clothes nor fancy styles. The simplest of clothes in simplest of colors and styles are the most beautiful. Utmost cleanliness of both body, clothing and surroundings is however a requirement, and indeed that is something the most beautiful of humans on the planet, poor or rich, adhere to.
India elected a new Prime Minister recently - Shri Narendra Modi - to become a leader of more than one seventh of the world's population.  In his own words in a TV interview he remarked, 

"My clothes are not expensive but I like them to be very clean."

Narendra Modi has spent some years wandering in the Himalayas too walking upto 23000 feet height without oxygen and undoubtedly draws his spiritual strength from the goddess as mountain too and every year during the nine days of the goddesses he fasts for nine days living only on water. One of the first missions he announced on the banks of the mighty river Ganges in his constituency of Varanasi yesterday was one of cleanliness of the Ganges and the country by 2019. The river Ganges is recognized as the spiritual mother by many Indians amongst rivers just the twin Himalayan peaks of Nanda and Sunanda are regarded as the spiritual mothers amongst the mountains.  But while humans have not been able to reach the mountain peaks to pollute them, they have been at it as regards Ma Ganga. 

The message of cleanliness appears lost in recent times.  While the British rulers it seems lived by a strict ethical code (albeit in interest of their motherland first) and an efficient governance, the latter rulers sponsored originally by them, who seemed to be neither here nor there, appeared to lack in these. The level of governance deficit was such that most any ordinary court cases take more than twenty years to decide and few homes in India, even those connected to supply lines, have an uninterrupted daily water and electricity supply ever since the British left more than sixty years ago. The rulers it seems have not even bothered to review the criminal and legal code set up by the British a century ago and which appears to be totally out of synch with the times.  However, all this is does not appear to affect the previliged rulers who live in Lutyens Delhi and throw something like scraps at the poor in the hope of votes and support, perhaps an art learned from foreign rulers or a false sense of superiority. But this time, the poor empowered by rising education levels and electronic communications gave a sound rebuff to those who throw scraps for votes, instead of doing what they are supposed to - govern- during national elections.

Others of the ruling dispensation complained that their works had not been well communicated to the people but how does much communication help when every time hundreds of millions of Indians visited the food market for basics and were hit by inflation, for years. Much communication is meaningless to hungry stomachs and a food security bill that provides a few kilograms of food grain perhaps not even enough to last a week futile. People cannot remain hungry for three out of four weeks in a month and they cannot just survive on bread and salt alone. What is even more shameless is that the same rulers spent more than hundred dollars a plate for dinner at one of their gatherings while some from amongst them, a planning commission chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claimed that about half a dollar a day is enough for an Indian not to be considered as a poor person.
In this scenario of all around and highly improper give and take, it is not surprising that rules and regulations soon became long, cumbersome and tedious, it seems not so as to make them more effective but in the hope that they are violated so that a bribe may then be extorted for overlooking the violation. Government budgets for different projects routinely went unspent perhaps not because it is difficult to spend money but because it is difficult to spend it and collect a commission without being caught at it. It is not surprising then that little attention was left for real works and little appetite left to strengthen the judicial system that might put a spanner in the merry making. In the meanwhile, somewhere in a dark hut, maybe a mother, one of many millions in a similar plight, and her little babes  cried because all they all had to satisfy their hunger  was just dry plain bread with salt and water,  and cajoled themselves to sleep with a drink of tears rather than nourishing milk. The milk producers on the other hand increased the milk prices by another two rupees for the nth time, every few months now for several years. The ruling party cried at the election results and said it was because they had not been able to communicate all this properly, perhaps to tell that woman and her babes how much good they (or HUMNE as they say often) had done for her, that they had created MANREGA for employment, that actually implies that all from her family would hence forth remained unemployed for 265 days a year.
It is true that widespread poverty of such a huge population cannot be overcome in a hurry. However there is no need to rub salt on the wound by declaring that half a dollar a day is sufficient to live or to splurge at public expense. Further when poor sweet children, the sweetest of all things in creation, routinely die of hunger across the country, the rotting of millions of tons of food grain in public storage, as happens routinely in India, due to neglect and defects in policy could not be more inhumane or shameful.
Is this blogger missing something? Is it it possible that the poor and that is the majority in India belong to a different species of life and that a different kind of blood flows through their veins and that of their sweet children so that they can be made to survive on a pittance as compared to those who rule and decide all these things? and if that is not the case, are the latter suffering from some kind of a vile delusional psychosis? Whatever be the case India may now draw comfort from the fact that it now has a leader who is one from amongst them. However the rot that has set over decades cannot be removed overnight but it is the hope of all well meaning Indians that the new leader can alleviate the distress
For the first time since 1947 a political party, BJP,  a political party fully rooted in India, has arrived in full majority with a leader that has risen from amongst the toiling masses and one of the first messages by it to the people who elected their leader is of cleanliness. Indeed cleanliness was the message of the Yoga Father Patanjali (as the first of the five niyams), Buddha the Compassionate and of Mahatma Gandhi too. Shri Modi himself is immaculate in his dress and clothing while displaying simplicity in choice of color and style. This blogger wishes him great and divine success in his mission. However, in recent decades and centuries the message of cleanliness has been largely lost from the country and it is with an advent of cleanliness in soul, body, clothing and surroundings that the country has a hope of returning to beauty and  prosperity as described in an earlier post here . Cleanliness in all three external areas is required because dirt and disease from one rubs of on another and without a cleansing of the soul through values of love, truth and simplicity there can be no real or charismatic beauty that appeals to the soul.

Note: An earlier post describes the CAANS system of dress colors for selecting dress colors is here.  A suggested effective dress color for Shri Narendra Modi by this system (Born Sept 17, 1950) named as Namo Blue was ascertained on the basis of simple astrological and numerological principles as described in the only book on the subject - How to Choose Dress Colors by Jim Andersen (pen name) -  at this link.

Shri Narendra Modi in a NAMO Blue Jacket

Namo Blue - CAANS System Dress Color of  Shri Narendra Modi

NOTE: Colors are distorted in processing and transmission to computer screens. Their most accurate representation may be recovered by creating a figure on a high quality monitor such as a rectangle filled with a color of given RGB values.


ashok said…
As I communicated this link to Kiran Bedi on twitter, it occured to me that she could make a great contribution in the new governmental dispensation and then proceeded to find her CAANS color too it turned out to be, surprisingly a police like shade, a career in which she was successful, as RGB 220, 200, 175 . The accuracy made be feel that someone might think I am making up these colors. it is not so, they can easily check on their own from the published book and verify. I have sent a photo of the color to her on twitter.
ashok said…
Just to clarify for other readers Kiran Bedi is a socially activist,well known international award winner and retired senior police officer in India.
Ashok said…
Kiran Bedi joined the ruling party yesterday and made her first public appearance to announce that in the color indicated in the earlier comment. Best wishes to her.

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