How to become miserable or happy quickly

When we look around us we find a million things to get miserable about because of the people we deal with, in our own shortcomings, that aching back, those pending tasks etc. Perhaps a tap is dripping or the roof is leaking and those drapes have needed a wash for years. As if that was not enough, when we set about comparing ourselves with so and so, we get even more miserable. The first causality of this misery is that we have no mind left to enjoy a million other things we could be happy about, including the beautiful song of birds that sing at the window every morning or the lovely red flowers that came up in the garden yesterday.

If it will console the reader, be pleased to note that you are not alone in this. Everyone has just as many things to worry about as you including that famous Hollywood billionaire you thought was so lucky. That is what life is all about. In fact, the first thing to restoring our happiness is to stop comparing ourselves with those who are better off or conversely feeling happy by gloating over those worse off. The fact is that there are trillions upon trillions of life forms in the universe, some you would consider better off and others miserable. You are exactly in the center of this misery and joy, as is everyone else. Furthermore, since you cannot exactly peer into the hearts of others, you have really no way of telling who is more miserable or happy. The best thing to do is to return a focus back to your self and get on with the things at hand.

Now as regard those million things that are pending and need fixing, the next thing to realize is that you are not alone in this, everyone else is precisely in the same situation. The difference with happy persons is that they do not fret over it. They just take things one at a time considering that a million of things cannot all be handled simultaneously or fixed in one go. They do it a pace that is reasonable, leaving aside time to enjoy the song of birds. Their persistence pays off and over a period of time they get a lot done even while enjoying the dance and the song.

What do you have to say to that - “Lucky b----s, I just have so much on my hands, I cannot afford to take things one at a time, even though I know I am incapable of doing a million things simultaneously. On top of it all, they even believe in some silly philosophy that adding happiness in the lives of others returns happiness. For heavens sake! Where is the science to all that and who has time to be a do gooder anyway? Just leave me to my blues and misery please, sob---“

LOL : -) 

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