A Dress Color for Hillary Clinton

CAANS Systen Dress Color for Hillary Clinton

On the lighter side, this blog has a couple of posts on dress color (here and here). Seeing that it was so much fun to find these dress colors out for some famous persons and seeing that it seems to have benefited them in their public pursuits (except President Obama in a private pursuit perhaps :) the thought occurred that it would be nice to discover the CAANS system dress color for Hillary Clinton in case she chose to run for President. If she did that and used this dress color for her public profile images or an appearance and won, perhaps she would then send me a thank you note. Many years ago her husband had sent me a thank you note from the White House while I lived in Canada when he was sent a copy of the Novella – Mystic and the Blossoms – that talks of development of third world villages and much else. These could then be framed, both notes together, for a wall piece, perhaps as an intensely narcissistic conversation piece that is full of myself  :) LOL

It does seem that Hillary would be a far better choice than a republican in this age when capitalistic greed has gone out of control leading to rising inequalities it seems that a liberal in USA stands a far better chance of controlling it  rather than a conservative, must record though that I am not an American but merely an international observer of our world. However what happens in America does influence everyone else on the globe seeing the size of the American economy and influence, and therefore it is natural for any objective world observer to take interest in it. If at times I also take interest in some godforsaken primitive part of the world  that is only because of the nudies over there :) 

The first step was to look up Hillary’s birthday on the net. Next was to look up the tables in the book of CAANS system with respect to her birthday and name and voila we had the RGB values in a hurry as 100, 230, 175. The color is illustrated in the upper image. Now the task remains to locate Hillary on twitter or some place to communicate to her a link of this post although she might find it on her own by a Google search about  herself. I looked at the Google image collection of  Hillary and there was a lot of black, at times blue and some very dark shades of green or red on an odd occasion but nothing like the color shown here. Hope to see her in that soon. The same with John. His collection of Google images show him mainly in a dark or black jacket with ties of every hue. However one picture did show him in a tie of the color here and it was impressive, more impressive than his other tie colors. Hope to see him soon more often in this shade with a change of jacket color and more ties of this color. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth showed up in a CAANS shade suggested in this blog soon after it appeared in this blog. She looked quite dashing in Royal Elizabeth Pink (The color has since been named), but it may have been from the book directly or coincidental.

NOTE: A second shade, a shade of blue for Hillary Clinton as found by the same system is illustrated in another post here:

Please do note that as regards women, the indicated colors are the color of a full dress or in very least the upper part of the dress whereas for men the indicated color is that of a jacket or tie with a white shirt with a full shirt in that color reserved for less formal attire. Any reader of this blog who is interested in finding a similar dress color of their own personality type may do so from the given reference or by letting me know their date of birth and official first name as a comment to this post, since I already have a copy of the book (How to choose dress colors for success by Jim Andersen) on the CAANS System and it does not take much time to look it up.

NOTE: This post is from last year , in a more recent one Jeb Bush has been included:

The links have now been communicated to both Hillary and John on twitter. If you visit this blog, Hillary and John, All the Best. May the best lady or man win, and may the Lord be with you both.

Note: Colors alter slightly in transmission and depend on monitor. The given RGB values assist in reproducing precise shade. 

Note 2; The book suggests that white and black are neutral colors and may be combined in the dress to make it more suitable for an occasion just as long as the suggested color is visible near neck, heart and face. Hillary appears to like black and might like to try this out with a black jacket. 

UPDATE APRIL 2015:  Looks like Hillary has read this blog if you see her dress in this picture:
 Best wishes to her, Looks like she is a sure win.

UPDATE: October 2015: Just a second picture in the top shade:

Image: https://twitter.com/latimes/status/656570714737278976/photo/1


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