God dwells in the heart and the devil in the head

You would have come across a piece of advice that says, trust your feelings. It is not recommended by this blogger unless one knows what the source of those feelings are.

An individual consciousness is plugged both into the universal consciousness of which it is a part and the individual mind where it dwells for the most part. Feelings arise from both of these sources. The source of feelings of compassion and motherly love as well as many others derive from the all knowing infinite source that sustains all life whereas feelings of greed, ego, lust and anger arise from the individual mind and habits born out of its working. You would have heard the old adage that the mind is the devils workshop.

Hence it is appropriate to say that God dwells in the heart and the Devil in the head ( certainly not all heads though :-). Therefore, whereas a person rooted in love, truth and simplicity may do well by trusting his or her feelings, another who is rooted in lust, anger, greed or pride would do well to stay away from them.

In times of dire and essential need, the Universal consciousness may take over one’s feelings and those one has to interact with so as to see one through that phase as any loving parent would, even grab the wheel from a child’s hand if the car was headed for disaster or if the child was still learning. At most other times, the Universal consciousness lets a person be as any loving parent would so that a child grows with its own experience and even  learns from his or her mistakes. We are all children in His eyes.


Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok ji,
A lovely and heart touching piece , which I humbly acknowledge in the following few words.
With warm Regards/ Vinod
Ennobling the mind
What we do and how
Seeds are sown in the mind
Watered by one's heart in love
They sprout well and fine

When mind ignores
What heart feels and says
One misses the big picture
For just colour and paint

Mind is powerful but restless
Keep the heart's strings tuned
In synch they stir the soul
With melody soothing cool

Ennoble the mind
With truth and light
Heart at peace everlasting
Mind singing lovely rhyme

Heaven and hell
They are in mind
When heart takes over
Mind soars high
Hell is for heartless
In Heaven lives a noble mind!

ashok said…
Really profound words Vinod ji expressed in beautiful verse. Thank you for adding that to this post and making it so beautiful.

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