Children are close to God

A picture of my god-grandson Golu (Naynesh)
Children because of their innocence remain in close companionship of the Almighty God. In a sense they are the gentle and loving facet of God. That is why they inspire love in all who interact with them. It is only when we become adults that we either disbelieve or avoid even ignore the Source of our wondrous and infinite universe. This is also true for many who say that they believe in the Lord. However, if we can lose our own sense of pride and greatness while inculcating love and innocence, as is common with  children, we too can come close to God, even as adults. It does not matter if we view God as a person with a human-like form, as nature or as the formless Infinite, as a Christian or Jew; as Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim. All that is required is to be seeped in Love and shun hatred for there can be nothing further from God than hatred. He is all about love, or even as an Independent theist who would rather stay away from any human religious organizations. God is all of these and everything else besides, being every part of whatever is real and beautiful in the universe as the eternal reality of it all.


Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok ji,
Your grandson is very charming and lovely child.I agree with you that children are closer to God as they are exactly the same as He made them.However while growing up we become worldly wise but are far removed from what He wanted us to be.
ashok said…
Thanks Vinod. I fully agree with your statement, but rather than giving it a nice label like worldly wise, one might call it lack of wisdom, effects of undesirable things like excessive greed, ego etc. that results in worrying excessively about the future and moaning the past rather than being contended and living more in the moment, that children are excellent at, that is why there is so much purity in their laugh and conversely in their cry too.
Matt J said…
Beautiful Ashok, of course likely the most beautiful thing we human beings create are children. Observe a child, fresh from the confines of its mother's womb and its reaction to environmental catalyst, specifically the attitudes of other in their confines. I have a daughter of 7 years, but in her first weeks/months it was very apparent and observable when she came in contact with another whom was agitated in some way. It was very apparent that the energy (a particular example of a grandmother experiencing financial woes)from the adult was being experienced by this little human sprout. Although the adult illustrating apparent love and care, the underlying agitation was affecting this little one to the point where she did not want to engage with her own grandmother. Our true nature is most accurately observed in a new little baby being introduced to the world...a beautiful post my fruend.
ashok said…
Thanks Matt. Appreciate your words. As you say we adults get influenced by masks, external mannerisms and words but children do without that and sense matters to the core. They say that even animals do that and how children or animals react to a human is a much better judge of them it seems than adults do.

Some adults can be tricky. There was a story I read of someone in the British Royal family looked after by a Nanny. Every time the mother tried to take the child from her, she would pinch the royal baby in the bottom so that it would begin crying and everyone thought the the mother was not a good one :)

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