A need for more Trees - A possible cause of recent Saharan dust storms in Europe

On the banks of Sattal ( Seven lakes region of Himalayas)

The photo above is one from the District of Nainital (The seven lakes region) in Himalayas showing this author along with his adopted son and grandson in the summer of 2010. This district is still full of lovely trees but sadly that is not the case with many other parts of the world today.

Over the last century as human population has increased on the planet the population of trees has gone down drastically due to human activity. This has led to a deterioration of the environmental quality of the planet as well as climate instabilities.  A reduction of trees on the planet and the resulting change of wind directions may well be the cause of recent Saharan dust pollution in Europe.

Global deforestation sharply accelerated around 1852. It has been estimated that about half of the Earth's mature tropical forests—between 7.5 million and 8 million km2 of the original 15 million to 16 million km2 that until 1947 covered the planet have now been destroyed.  The destruction of non-tropical forests appears to be even more severe and began earlier as forests were cleared for agriculture and urbanization in Europe and America. The deforestation continues and recent trends can be found at the following links

Trees play a crucial role in controlling global warming and climate extremes. You may read more detailed post on that here:

Human are the only species on the planet that have the capacity to be both consciously destructive as well as constructive. It is time now for every human to make some contribution towards more trees on the planet. Every tree helps and you can begin now by casting your vote for more trees at the following link.


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