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Flowers in Garden

After deliberating on how much money it costs to extract the shit out of some of the leading lights of our one percent world in the previous post, whether it be on wall street or whether it be in a government planning department, I suffered from a perception that my soul too is getting filthy, for whatever a human focuses on, he tends to partake a bit of it. A cleansing exercise was needed and what better an instrument for it than flowers. 

This year because of a severer than usual winter, there were fewer flowers in the garden than in most January. Therefore this morning I visited a nursery and brought an assorted mix of flowers to plant in an empty patch. A humming bird hiding in the bushes was thrilled. She immediately jumped on the flowers to suck the nectar. The bird is not in the photo because she moved away when I approached for the click.

The flowers planted today were enteranium, flocks, petunia, shasta daisy and marigold. There are already several poppy plants, very small at the momnet in the same flower bed. They should begin to bloom in a month and fill up the flower bed.

UPDATE: A friend and Poet, Vinod Khurana, has left the following words in a comment to this post

Lovely flowers and a very beautiful garden
Nature rests not
Be it dusk or dawn.
How beautiful it is
Whether one looks or not.
In silence it unfolds
And boasts not.
What is there to learn from it?
Ask me not. 
See it for yourself, 
A better teacher you findeth not.


vinod khurana said…
Lovely flowers and a very beautiful garden.Nature rests not be it dusk or dawn.How beautiful it is whether one looks or not.In silence it unfolds and boasts not.What is there to learn from it, ask me not.See it for yourself,a better teacher you findeth not.
With poetic Regards
ashok said…
Those are lovely words Vinod. Thanks.I shall add these words to the main post soon.
ashok said…
Those words have been added and highlighted in the post.
vinod khurana said…
Dear Ashok ji, Thanks a lot.I am highly obliged.
With grateful Regards
ashok said…
My pleasure Vinod :)

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