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The Internet has made propagation and access of information widely available. Just about anyone in the world can post his her ideas and once posted they become available to just about everyone, anywhere in the world with a few clicks of the mouse. One does not have to search for it in a library as was necessary a few decades ago. Although many thoughts may be of little relevance as thoughts often tend to be, some have the potential to cause significant and valuable changes in the way humans live, love and work.

This blog has been publishing articles on health, environment, life style, economy, politics and spirituality for the last several years and some of them have made a difference to our world, hopefully for the better. An article (now deleted) urging a referendum in the Falkland Islands lead precisely to that. An article on inflation in this blog provided a key to how the Japanese could leverage deflation to get out of decades long recession (here). That idea has worked successfully, an idea that was surely already known to the economists but got enforced when it became known to the public.

The most recent example of the influence of this blog is a recent Swiss proposal that fixes the top salaries in an organization as a ratio of the lowest salary in that organization. The idea was first proposed by this blogger in an article early last year 

An Image from the Swiss 1:12 Initiative
Realizing its importance this blogger posted it in several other places on the net and it seems now that the idea has caught the fancy of the Swiss and other European Nations. As mentioned in the original article it is easier for the Swiss to do this than other nations because their system of democracy is far more inclusive than other nations.Even the Swiss posters and flags now allover the country and being used in the campaign are similar in design to the original image created for the idea by this blogger and repeated in this post. This blogger had released the copy right of the design to the public as recorded on the original image (top image with this post also). Similar initiatives are also being considered in other countries including Spain and France. it is possible the present Swiss initiative may not win the necessary votes this Sunday since it may seem a bit to revolutionary presently, but there is no doubt that the idea has arrived and it shall re-enter in various forms in the policies of nations around the world, in the coming years.

It seems the support for the initiative is presently only around 40 per cent. In case it does not get through this time my request to the campaigners is to reintroduce it as a 1:20 or 24 campaign. Perhaps the world is not yet ready for a greater equality. That should satisfy all corporations except for a few blinded by and buried in the slime of greed as well as utter lack of compassion for fellow humans whose needs are just as much and whose families are just as dear as that of a few fat cats, or those who wish to run away to their mansions with money that rightly belongs to the share holders and public, supported by a few politicians who survive because of their campaign contributions. Most of all the money spent by any corporation or organization on wages does not belong disproportionately in the main to just a few top executives but to all the employees in fair proportions because it is the combined effort of all that makes an organization viable and successful. It is true that some inequality amongst humans is as inevitable as amongst the trees in the forest and some incentives are required to encourage talent and good work; however when such incentives translate to salary ratios of more than ten within any human set up, it is not an incentive but pure and simple greed of humans in a position to exercise it.  This is because human talent and work does not vary by a larger ratio as mentioned in the original article ( if those in asylums, or worthy of them are kept out of the reckoning).  Trees of a species do not vary in height by ratios of more than ten unless they are damaged by disease or forced through processes such as Bonsai. Limiting inappropriate and excessive greed is not anti capitalism. It is Capitalism sans exploitation.


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