Worthy and unworthy human relationships

A Spiritual Message

In your Journey through life you shall meet and interact with other humans. Some of these relationships shall be worth cherishing. Blessed are such persons and relationships for as long as they last because in the long run everything must change as all things do in this universe. May such relationship last long.

In life you shall also encounter persons that are in the main quarrelsome, tense, abusive, argumentative, bitterly jealous, irritable or angry, some are all of the things that make human relationships painful and unworthy. In such cases either move away from such persons or move them away from you, whatever appears the appropriate course, for the fight of such persons is not with you, it is with themselves. You do not have to share in it. You shall also encounter some that come near you for the sole purpose of exploiting or using you rather than for solace and sharing the joys and sorrows of life. These latter deserve a similar treatment on an even more urgent basis.


Such persons are children, in which case you may try and help them out and learn from them, if you feel up to it or if you are responsible for it. If they are not children, it is best to let God handle it without any unwarranted meddling from your side. Do not cherish the fond hope that you can change persons who are adults just like you. That is a job for the Lord who created them and gave them the freedom to be as they are. As it is, there is enough work on one's hand to reduce one's own faults rather than focus on those of others. Is it wise to go and extinguish the flames in another home when one's own home is on fire?

Remember, to be alone is far more peaceful and joyful than to be in the company of the unworthy, for in reality none is ever alone. God is all around you. Look at the squirrels of a forest or garden, just as happy and joyous to be by themselves as in the company of others.

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Yes the omnipresent, the omnipotent and the omniscient Lord.Enjoy your short life here and create good karma on earth and let others manage their destiny.
Ashok said…
Right on Ramu. Much wisdom in your brief words there. Thanks for sharing.

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