Trees– Jack Nelson and the Blue Flamingo

Jack Nelson and the blue Flamingo
In an earlier blog post, children’s books by Jim Andersen were mentioned. There is a new one that has an essential message about trees for children. The story is about a flamingo that turns blue because a wicked witch made her nibble on some poison mushrooms. As a result the Flamingo is driven out of the flock and separated from the children. Jack and his friends try to help restore the color of the flamingo. For this they have to seek the help of Tweedy the magician (he is called so because he wears tweed only). The magician gives them a spell that has to be chanted to an interesting dance that is done by a group hopping in circles around a fire. The song is

Curdie Curdie
Hwa Hwa
Curdie Curdie
Hwa Hwa
Magic Tweedy
In a blink
Make our birdie
Blue to pink
Lol lol
Ha ha ha

The name of the dance is Tweedy dance. Some people might confuse the Tweedy dance with the Curdie Dance because of the words in the song but that is a different dance that also has a YouTube video on it. To find out what Hwa and curdie mean and the steps of the dance one would have to read the full story. Aside from the interesting story the book includes a message to encourage the growth of trees

“By planting trees in the forest one could give something back to the forest, not just take from it. Jack’s mother felt that when it came to choose trees to plant, fruit and nut trees were some of the best. Both birds and humans could enjoy the fruits besides the almond tree had pretty flowers that would just light up the forest. The fairy godmother of the forest was always on the lookout for good children to reward and who could be better than those who planted lovely trees in the forest. Some trees were lost in a forest fire from time to time or simply because of age or even because some had been removed for building works.”

My book, The Babaji Affair, too has a message about planting trees from the mouth a Himalayan Mystic. This kind is known not to mince words and the message is a bit harsh, not as gentle as by the Tweedy dancers

“Babaji had often said that a human who does not grow trees during his lifetime lost the right to be born as a human in future lives. He said that a human uses many of the earth’s resources during a lifetime. Growing trees is a way to repay that debt. Trees supported and sustained life. The leaves they shed added organic matter to soil. Some of it was washed into the oceans by rivers where even more green growth took place. Without plants there would be no oxygen and no life would be possible. Besides, humans were the only life form on earth that depended on cooked food. The fuel for cooking came from trees. If a human did not grow trees he was living a sinful life. He deserved to be born as a goat, cow or an insect and not a human.”

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Sam said…
I love planting trees but have to say that most persons cook with gas or electricity now rather than fuel wood.
ashok said…
Sam Gas and most electricity made from coal or gas is also from trees. Old trees buried inside the ground but yes there is some electricity that is nuclear or solar and that can provide cooking energy without trees, but really there may not be much to cook if there were no trees. They do much to prepare the soil in which food grows.
ashok said…
Tried the Tweedy dance yet Sam? :)

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