One Kudos for Obama and three Boos for the Republicans

Ashok at Raj Bhavan, Nainital
As global citizens watch the current budget scenario in the US, the world cannot help but cheer Obama for standing so strongly to help provide medical care for the poor of his country. On the other hand the world cannot appreciate three of the stances of the republicans:

  1. The world does not understand how it is humane to deprive the poor of affordable or free medical care as is available in Canada or UK and many other humane countries.
  2. The world cannot but deplore the rigidity of the Republicans in providing much access to assault weapons for citizens. This author and numerous others feel the policies of UK and Australia that ban such weapons and mass killings is much more humane.
  3. The world also does not understand why the republicans do not want the rich to pay a higher tax and would have felt better if the US would follow advice of Warren Buffet or emulate Sweden that keeps the rich poor divide within limits as well as cares for its aged.

On the other hand, it is not that the world blindly supports Obama in everything and opposes the Republicans in all their doings. Many learned people of the world agree wholeheartedly with the Republicans that debt cannot be raised indefinitely and that countries cannot run with debt. However, many differ where the cut should be made, in medical care or in other areas such as non-essential services like tourist facilities and even some non-essential parts of the army. Interestingly that is where the present stalemate is leading to. As regards the humane aspect nature is the greatest equalizer. Those presently who deprive others of basic medical care would get deprived similarly when in similar need, they and their loved ones too. However, it has to be pointed out, as Republicans often do:

If an individual incurs expenditure on philanthropy that is met out of borrowed money it is in the very least irresponsible and at worst a fraud on himself and his family; similarly, when a nation undertakes a welfare measure out of borrowed money it is irresponsible and a fraud on the nation.

One current stance of Obama on Syria is not at all appreciated by many in the world. As the leading country of the planet currently, the world expects that he would feel more for the suffering of others in the world, perhaps enough to work for a no fly zone over Syria as was done in Libya. It will save many children, infants and their parents from getting bombed in their beds. The USA also needs to take the lead in initiatives such as mentioned in the inked blog post (, ) not in terms of a financial contribution but in terms of leadership. If it does, it will confirm that the US genuinely desires greater peace on our lovely planet.

I have a personal beef against the Honorable President of USA too. I believe promises should not be made (no one stops anyone from saying they will make a good attempt at something), and if made should be honored by the great leaders of our world even as Queen Victoria did once, whether it is a small matter such as getting a dog for the kids (the first thing after moving into White house) or whether it be Guantanamo Bay or Syria.
It is my cherished dream to catch Barack over a beer at an idyllic location such as shown in the photo above with this post and hammer the guy about it some day when he is just a sporting bloke and not a President, after his term is over. :)


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