Obesity- Jack Nelson and the Emerald Princess

Jack Nelson and the Emerald Princess
Some half a century ago as a boy my favorite author was Enid Blyton. I simply loved her books and read each one of them. There are hundreds.   Now that I have grand children I shall recommend the same books besides the classic fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm’s.

As a child one read a book for fun but in later years I realized that besides their entertainment value the books also encouraged moral and courageous behavior. Therefore in later years when I had my own children, Enid Blyton was my first recommendation for my own children as well as others.

I do realize that in the half a century or so since my own childhood other even nicer authors may have emerged who have published worthy books that one can recommend to one’s children. However, not knowing about them I inevitably fall back on the choices of my own childhood.

There is an interesting one on Amazon recently called “Jack Nelson and the Emerald Princess’ by Jim Andersen, in print (www.amazon.com/Nelson-Emerald-Princess-magical-adventures/dp/1492949124) and Kindle and it is the sort of book that I would recommend without hesitation for a child. Like Enid Blyton the book has a sense of adventure and more. It also encourages a love of nature, trees and animals besides it has humor too. It makes light hearted fun of obesity. The Grand Queen of the emerald castle is an immensely fat woman and is therefore referred as – Your Grandness – rather than Your Highness. In fact she was so fat that she had to be pushed in through the doors of her horse drawn carriage until one day she got stuck and they had to pull the carriage apart to free her. It seems that she got that way from eating too many cakes.

The mechanized urban life of the modern world is responsible to some extent for human obesity. My own weight has increased steadily over the years. Some months ago when my daughter who is an internal medicine specialist in USA, insisted that I get a range of tests done here in India, scan the reports and send it to her. I complied. Fortunately everything turned out OK after a careful analysis by her except for one thing. She pointed out that my weight was approaching the obese starting limit and I better watch out. So out go the cakes, although in my case an increase of weight has to do more with a deficiency in physical exercise rather an excess of food. Both go hand in hand to create Your Grandness.


Hari Chand said…
Interesting Story Books with Moral Content intertwined have great impact on a child's mind and shapes and prepares him/her for future life, even without him/her realising it ....
ashok said…
Well said Hari Chand. it is the age when a mind is still developing and is easily influenced. The reverse is also possible when exposed to the wrong sort of books and stories.

It appears that two of the chapters (the last two have been added by vested interests even in a book like the Ramayana so that it has been sending the wrong message to the population for hundreds of years. As you would expect one of these is to do with introducing caste hatred whereas in the first five chapters there is no such thing rather a love of all humans whatever be their caste.
ashok said…
Nice to see you name in Roman Script now. That away even others who do not know Hindi can read it, and there are person from allover the world who read the posts and associated comments as you can see in the map in the left side bar.

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