Buried Gold and Covert businesses in Disguise

Golden Bricks
Recently, a religious mystic of Northern India by the name of Shoben Sarkar informed the government of India through his foremost spiritual associate Swami Om ji Maharaj that he had knowledge of a huge cache of gold buried at a depth of fifteen feet or so under an old ruined fort near his Monastery/Ashram. The claim was made on the basis of some old records and the divine perceptions of the mystic. The Mystic wished that the government should recover this gold and use it to restore the faltering economy of India.

The government took cognizance of the mystic’s claim and ordered a geological survey of the grounds. Scientific tests declared the presence of buried material and the possibility that it could be Gold. Thereupon, the government ordered the Archeological Survey of India to carry out excavations of the area. Perhaps a better organization to have been given the task would have been a building organization that would have excavated the site within a day and verified the claims. The archeological Survey is more or at least as concerned with preserving historical artifacts of this historically significant site and is therefore carrying out the excavations very slowly, digging only about a foot a day. So far digging has been done up to a depth of five feet.

In the meantime political opponents are criticizing the government that they have now begin to act on the basis of mystic visions and therefore are encouraging superstition and blind faith. There is a lot of that kind of fraud in India and a large section of the public is critical of it. However, it does not mean that true mystics do not exist. But how does one know which is which?

It seems that one must have a true heart in order to distinguish the true from the false but then what does one do if one does not live a truthful life as many in the modern world may not? That may be the very reason they are seeking mystic help.

It is true that there are many covert businesses in the modern world that exist under the hypocritical and seemingly respectable disguise of a religious organization, political organization or a charitable one. How does one find out that a religious mystic is not heading one such? Here are some signs that give away the frauds:

  1. Such organizations or persons are in the business of accumulating wealth either in their own name or for a close relative such as son, daughter, mother, brother etc.
  2. Such organizations or persons may involve a close relatives such as a brother, son, daughter etc. in the business enterprise and to carry it on as in family businesses. The mantle of religious organizations helps them win members from amongst the gullible. They often develop huge followings using techniques similar to multi level marketing i.e. members gathering more members and singing praises of benefits to attract. Similarly politics helps one with power and the guise of a charitable organization helps collect funds.
  3. They will not hesitate to use unethical, secretive, corrupt and even criminal intimidation to carry forward their agenda
  4. The buildings and establishments they construct are just as grand as other businesses do to attract and impress customers.

Recently an Indian religious Guru with a huge following has been charged and imprisoned for alleged rape of disciples. Personally I am not against sexual indulgence in moderation provided it takes place with mutual consent and for mutual pleasure even if one of the actors is a religious personality. The desire for sex is next only to that for food amongst humans. However, when such an act takes place by force and intimidation against the wishes of a partner, it is an evil thing when carried out even by an ordinary human leave alone a person in religious or political power. Incidentally the person charged met all the conditions listed above. He grabbed property and land illegally too and involved his son and even his daughter in carrying out his activities. Another famous Indian guru recently allegedly was using a younger brother to kidnap and assault opponents. He too has been accumulating wealth and political patronage.

The most evolved of mystics like Buddha and Jesus kept their close family at arms length treating them no different from other disciples as per historical records and neither did they accumulate wealth. The use of unethical practices by such were unthinkable rather they are the fountainheads of morality and ethics.

Coming back to the buried gold, the mystic in question too is not into accumulating wealth or running his enterprise with the help of family members. He lives simply, half naked and bare footed often, wearing no fancy dresses and crowns, organising no large decorated gatherings, as many other pretend gurus who are into sucking out the goodness of the gullible do.He  has been known for his good deeds, service and truth. Before he became a mystic some thirty years ago, he was a well to do lawyer and political worker. His diction in both English and Hindi is better than most any spiritual, political or business leader from India that I have heard in a long time. It carries the weight of spiritual attainment and therefore I for one, even though in a minority amongst the educated, believe that the gold shall be found. When this author observed Swami Om ji Maharaj on TV he saw in his stance and words the power of Truth.

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keiko amano said…

How did he find out about hidden gold? Did someone tell him or has he known all along, but didn't tell people until now?
ashok said…
Keiko full details have not been revealed. There is some secrecy surrounding the event. Some of his followers said that he had old documents and maps. They have also said that he has divine intuition that has proved accurate in the past.

So far the gold had not been seen and the digging is very slow. perhaps there is a strategy behind the slow digging to increase security of the treasure.

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