A New Tree Today

A Newly Planted Tree
Outside the front boundary of my home and before the street there is a patch of vacant land on which I have planted four trees and some flowering bushes ( Jasmine and bogain
villea). At one time a lovely perfumed oleander bush with rose like blossoms grew here. It produced lovely deep pink blossoms. With age it died about a couple of years ago and there was an empty spot. However, I have since discovered that oleander is poisonous. Therefore rather than replant a new oleander, this morning I replanted it with a tree that was earlier in a flower pot and had become rather large for the pot. It is shown in the photo. The area around it looks barren just now because it had become full of weeds during the monsoons and we have pulled all that out just two days ago. New grass will come up there in a few weeks. I do not know the name of the tree put it has lovely shaded foliage, does not become very big and produces a fruit that birds like. I have no idea yet if the fruit or plant has any medicinal value but as soon as I find out its name I shall Google for that. If any reader knows the name and can tell me in a comment, I shall be obliged.

As a young professional when I lived in an apartment I had discovered that trees when young make great potted plants. They are also cheaper than many other fancy plants available in nurseries. However, in a few years time they become too big for the flower pot and are all ready to be transferred in to the bosom of mother earth. I have suggested the same to a lot of friends, especially those who purchase a Christmas tree every year. Rather than cut a tree it is much nicer to grow one in a pot. Keep it until spring in the pot and then transfer it to a park or countryside during a picnic in spring or summer.


keiko amano said…

My oleander bushes also died. It's poisonous, but it requires little water and give good colors. I still like oleander. But mine didn't smell like rose.
ashok said…
Many oleanders have no perfume but there is a double petaled pink one that has a wonderful and strong perfume and it also looks like a rose from a distance. I like oleander because they require little care but now that children (Golu) are frequently around I thought it is best not to have much of it. There is still one small plant of it left though but this one is not double petaled and I think it is not perfumed.
ashok said…
Sad to hear that your oleander has gone and the Cherry trees too but trees too leave us from time to time as humans do. It is easier to replace trees though than new human relationships. Oleander is a bush but it too can be developed as a small tree with pruning at times by leaving just one stem at the base.

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