On the Global Best seller list - The Babaji Affair

My new book ' The Babaji Affair' is full of stories of Himalayan Hermit Mystics, based on my experience with them over the last thirty years or so. These are real sincere mystics not those pretending to be one as a business venture. The cover ( front, spine and back is shown here from the designing stage) It is shown on the global best seller list at the rather long link below it:

The Babaji Affair by Dr. Ashok Malhotra


Hope you read the book. It is available only in the paperback format and that perhaps is the only reasonable way to read a book of this size and type of content. The book contains stories composed by the author and real life experiences of the author with one of the most well known ones in recent times - Baba Haidakhan, Babaji. The philosophy revealed is not in conflict with modern logical and scientific perspective. Aside from the philosophy, those who have read it find the stories fascinating. Do read it if you get the chance, albeit my shameless promotion :) Its link to amazon USA is

UPDATE September 21, 2013: Vincent a fellow blogger had pointed out that such lists are continuously updated and they move the book out of the list if the sales drop. Therefore I have been checking the list every now and then and was delighted to see that it has moved up to number two position today from number eight earlier in a list of around forty chosen books.

Harbinder Gill and Chander Merani reading the Babaji Affair in California
UPDATE September 27, 2013  It has moved up to the top of list of books now. As a fellow author has pointed out, this movement depends on sales and keeps changing.
A Jungle Geranium book at home of author where this book was composed

Thank you so much to all the incredible Babaji fans and readers who helped ‘the Babaji Affair’ get on the best seller list of spiritual books
Share with loved ones if you've already bought your copy, or click here to purchase  if in/from USA.
For purchase in other countries plug “The Babaji Affair” in the Google search engine to find  a link nearest you to save on shipping charges. 

This book is now available in India also at 

I was delighted to find a lovely and brief review of the book from a reviewer by the name of RannBanka Rathod at this last link

That review is reproduced here:

“The book by Ashok Malhotra has been quite refreshing among the many spiritual books out today. I was expecting a biography however got glued on to the book after I started reading it. It has a kind of optimism and spirituality coupled with a message as to how one should approach life. A must read for people who enjoy reading books about spirituality.”

I would like to thank Mr. RannBanka Rathod for the review using his online name since I do not know his real one.


ashok said…
Just checked Vincent, it is still there, just scroll down, it is eighth on the list. It will only show the right half of the picture here (the front)
ashok said…
Thanks Ramakrishnan Ramanathan.
Hari Chand said…
Congratulations , Sir!
Is the paperback edition available in India?
Sounds cool! What's the thumbnail sketch of what your book brings up-- and common themes come out of your interactions with the mystics you came to know?

I'm exploring a similar world with my writing, but from a rather different perspective, and trying to be very practical at the same time, but from a SPIRITUAL perspective:

"Marriage SOS: Spiritual, Obcordate, SEXY First Aid for YOUR Marriage!" is my newly published ebook, at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/358428
ashok said…
Thanks Hari Chand. It has been listed by Amazon (Amazon.in)India as a book that will be available soon, and I expect other book stores too would list it in the coming weeks.It is a very recent publication so it takes a little time to get around. So far it is avilable in Europe and USA. It can be ordered from there but the postage costs are a bit heavy then ( more than the cost of the book).
ashok said…
J Richard Lewis, the book cover is a photo taken from a boat in the middle of Naintal lake, a town high up in the Himalayas. That town is the focus portion of himalayas of this book. However, I am afraid in my book the spirituality does not advocate sex but rather talks of three pit falls that keep humans away from it - greed, lust and anger.The kind of first aid it would advocate for marriage is to strengthen love not lust :)
ashok said…
The book has a lot on what the mystics think, and how they become what they are but you would have to read the book for that.

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