Hello Jungle Geranium

Jungle Geranium
A friend of mine from Engineering School days, Ramakrishnan Ramanathan,  recently put up a photo of a flower that I instantly recognized as one that has been growing in my garden for years on a flowering bush. It is not very common in our area and no one knows the name here, however, the plant is native to South India and it seems popular in Florida too, so I asked him the name. He gave a complicated botanical name, Ixora something as well as the common one Jungle Geranium. The next step was to look up on the net if the plant has any medicinal use. I am a fan of herbal medicine and like to know the uses of plants growing at home. As a matter of fact, the plant has several uses, one being to treat loose stomachs. Next time I know where to head for after a visit to the very spicy snack shop nearby that invariably gives me a runny tummy. Apparently the plant used properly also prolongs age. The interested reader may read more about it at http://www.medicalhealthguide.com/herb/ixora.htm#b

Close up of Jungle Geranium

Mystics in the Himalayas treat just about everything with what grows around them and with the power of their  focus. If you are interested in them, you may read about them in my new book - The Babaji Affair -  Herbal medicines are fantastic because they are natural food with few side affects, if any. The pity with those who run to the chemist instead of the garden or forest is that they miss out on an easy cure that may be lying around their home and would keep them safe from side affects.

For years now I faced a difficulty,  waking up in the middle of the night and not getting a good sleep after that. This is especially so on days spent on a desk with no physical exercise, and that happens every time there is book writing or something like that. However, I discovered that a cup of light tea helps me to get a second round of good sleep. Recently I pondered on the matter and thought it might be the sugar and not the tea, so I tried a spoonful of sugar in water instead. Wonder of wonder, that works even better. Apparently some sugar is required for good deep sleep. An aunt of mine, with a similar problem took what her doc advised until her entire body became puffy and swollen like a balloon. Fortunately she came down for a visit to my home for a few days, and suspecting the cause as a side effect of her medicine, I was able to guide her away from it and the swelling. Ironically this aunt has a doctorate in Botany and has been a Professor of that at Delhi University.


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