A Rose for your Love

As the monsoon has receded a white rose bush has suddenly come to bloom at home. My experience with plants and bushes are that they are sensitive beings and choose the time and place to thrive and bloom. Some are more sensitive than others and the rose is one such. To me all roses are symbolic of love, different colors for different kinds of love. Thus whereas the deep red rose signifies romantic love the white one is for spiritual love, the yellow for friendship and the pure pink for grace and regards. Thus if one were to gift a bunch of roses to a friend, the yellow roses would be most appropriate, whereas if one were to gift a bunch to the queen the pink would be the best. There is a peach pink too, pink with a tint of yellow and this is best for the king or your boss on his birthday. Definitely avoid gifting him a red lest he misunderstand :)  There are also other colors signifying different less common types of love. Thus there is a deep violet, blackish rose and that to me signifies an obsessive romantic love best avoided. There is also the light colored bright red rose for a love that is budding, not yet matured or for some flirting or sexual interest in a friend.

When gifting someone a rose make sure that it is a tea rose (a single rose on a stem) and that there are a few leaves at least on the stem that should be a minimum of nine inches in length. Floribunda (multiple roses on a stem) are for your own use, flower vases or children.  A bunch of roses is gifted along with some fern like foliage or some other flowers but single roses on a long stem may be gifted alone.

The Iceberg Rose photo on top is adapted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rosa_Iceberg_1.jpg 

Yamabuki (Japanese) Yellow Rose by Keiko Amano


keiko amano said…

The white rose does look like Iceberg, but is this climbing rose?
ashok said…
Perhaps Iceberg is a floribunda? I am not sure though. This one is a tea rose (a single rose on a stem)

I have been cutting it down as a bush but a few months ago I tied up a branch to the roof and I shall know in a few months if it is a climbing rose. When I got the bush it was originally pale yellow roses but they have changed to white with time.
ashok said…
Keiko Amano, there is a photo of the Iceberg Rose in the post too now. Thanks for letting me know about it.
keiko amano said…
Thank you, Ashok, for your comments. I pass on your offer of your novel. I don't like to read e-book, and my many unread books are still waiting in the U.S. and Japan, and I'm dying to read four more books by Richard Wright. Have you read Black Boy and Native Son by him? If not, I recommend them.
ashok said…
It is not an ebook Keiko. It is in print but also has a cheaper e version. But let it go for now because I am working on a newer one that will be better. No keiko I have not read Richard Wright. Somehow I have been writing much more than reading for past several years ( except for brief spiritual stuff) . i love to read though but had to give it up because I have the bad habit of not being able to put down a book even If it means staying up all night. I shall take it up soon again I hope though and will make a note of Richard.

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