Stick and Rise

Photo from Nainital with inspiring text

A few days ago when I received news that another college mate of mine ( a year junior to me) Avinash Chander had risen to the highest position in a most prestigious government organization of India ( the Defence Research and Development Organization), my mind went back to the professional career of some of my friends as well as mine. From amongst my friends those who joined an organization, national or international, corporate or governmental it was those who had stuck to a single organization who rose eventually to either very senior positions in these organizations or to their very top becoming famous not just in the countries they worked in but also around the world. We were all graduates of one of the prestigious schools of India, the IIT at Delhi.  I too have headed some organizations towards the end of my professional career but these are not very large ones. The main reason is that I have not stuck to any one organization, preferring instead to explore the world working in more than one university and my diverse interests concerned with spirituality and life while at times working as an independent professional.

When I was about to graduate from school, and later university, my father had repeatedly suggested that I choose an organization, first the army and later the civil services for a career following in the footsteps of some of my other relatives and ancestors who had excelled in their careers. I flatly refused and chose freedom instead, exploring the world and working as an academic in more than one university of more than one country while taking time off for Himalayan sojourns or writing a book, even a novel.

It is not suggested that merely sticking to one organization is a sufficient condition to rise to its senior most  positions or position. Much else, including diligent service is required. Instead, what is suggested is that it is a necessary condition for very many organizations. Had I too stuck to one, it is possible that I might have risen to its senior most level but one thing is for sure, in that case this blog would not have been possible because the diverse experience that made it possible would not have been there. Remaining at one place implies that we repeat the same moves over and over and over again rather than practice different strokes Not that there is anything wrong with that.That is a way to peace and stability for many. Our planet has been doing that with its orbit around the sun for endless years.

Now in retiring years, when I look back at life, I realize that there is one career I might have stuck to and enjoyed and that is the National Forest Service, because of in all my  activities, professional or otherwise, spending time in thickly forested areas of our planet has given me most peace and happiness as has planting trees and see them grow. If this is in the mountains it is even more delightful. As a forest service official it would have been a part of my job and I would have got paid to do it as well as had the vast government facilities and resources at my disposal for the purpose.

Well anyway next time around. That is why we need reincarnation :)


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