Going Green for Health, Wealth and Joy

backyard trees

This blog and others by this author have repeatedly stressed the importance of living in green spaces and of increasing green spaces on our planet by endeavors such as planting trees and designing cities to include designer green areas http://someitemshave.blogspot.in/2012/06/green-hybrid-city.html. Some of the advantages mentioned were felt intuitively but were not backed by scientific evidence. All this changed this month when the results of a new study due to the University of Edinburgh were published in the journal of Sports Medicine. What the researchers found was that green spaces lessen brain fatigue with all its attendant benefits. These benefits include reduced stress and improved mental and physical health.

In another blog of this author (steamcenter.blogspot.com) dealing with technological matters in layman style, this blogger has stressed the contribution of increasing greenery for improving the climate on the planet and in the present blog the author has talked much of the spiritual and economic benefits of increasing forest and other green cover on the planet as a whole and at the micro level in and around one’s home and office. Green surroundings are the solace of a weary soul.

The study suggests that right now one should take a break from whatever one is doing and move to a green space or even view green spaces from one's home and office windows. If such are not available to you then begin creating one right now by planting  trees by yourself or in a group, or, if you live in a place where that is not quite possible, begin planning getting out of it as soon as possible to another where it is possible; either that or start saving for a doc or shrink and some more handkerchiefs for a tearful sobbing life of pain and sorrow. If you choose a fruit/food tree plant then you would contribute towards the dwindling food resources on the planet too..

This blogger does not wish to insist that anyone should necessarily increase peace, joy and happiness in their lives if they do not wish to. Adults are free to live as they wish to as long as they do not disturb others, but he does urge them strongly to avoid  poor  mental and physical health as well as sorrow and tears because that is something that costs the society as a whole, and this post mentions the easiest and perhaps the only way to get there. If one thinks one can find joy by living in barren deserts or others filled by city noises, concrete and artificial lighting then that is wishful thinking indeed 

Prefer the song of birds and of gurgling brooks to the usual noise of the city. The former has shaped human psyche for thousands of years while the latter may ruin it in a few.

If governments and policy making bodies think that climatic natural disasters or unemployment rates can be reduced by reducing the forest cover and other green spaces on our planet then a major rethink is in order.   Older posts in this blog have shown how millions of green jobs may be created within a few years in any country.

The photo shows the trees in the backyard of the author's home, visible from the back windows. The front is greener. There are photos of that in older posts of this blog if you care to scroll through. All of the trees were planted by the author. When he moved into the area some quarter century ago it was barren. Besides his home, he has planted trees on the street and parks of the residential area he lives in as well as the offices he has worked in too. This link and reference here is to a blog post from one of the offices this author has worked in  http://aits-nainital.blogspot.in/2010/05/tree-plantation-marks-observance-of_06.html

I guess one should practice what one preaches :)


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