It is Pee in U K food now

 food seasonings fresh from the tap

When a situation becomes ridiculous, it is difficult to maintain a stiff upper lip and it is time to choose between crying and laughing. After Poo was found in cakes (read older posts in this blog for that) from Europe it seems it is  Pee now in U K. and that too in a respectable advocates' lounge at Snaresbrook Crown Court, in north-east London. If that is possible in a respectable lounge under full legal glare can you blame the stores for passing horse meat as beef and late night take-aways from UK of helping rid the kingdom of stray cats and dogs while making a quick buck on the side? It seems that the heady brew from one or more clickers set below the belt was found as the seasoning for soups, salads and sandwiches.

What is the world coming too?

LOL ! 

Read this report for example

To quote from this report ,

The council said: "Following an inquiry from a member of staff at the court, one of our food safety officers visited the court on Wednesday to give advice on a possible contamination of food issue. A joint investigation has begun which is being led by the police. We are unable to comment further until the police investigation is complete."
The suggestion of this blogger is that the court must trace the culprit and accord punishment. DNA or other chemical markers are found in human urine and samples could be collected from all at the premises, including the honorable dignitaries since the respectable law treats all equally, to identify the culprit. The samples may be collected under strict watch to prevent substitution.

Snaresbrook is  a Victorian Gothic Place. The dear old queen who built an empire that stretched from one end of the world to the other will turn in her grave when she hears of this. She preferred whiskey in her tea instead.  To this sweet empress of our lands, I even devoted a near full chapter in my novel - Nude Besides the Lake (  The word is besides in the title not beside.

I think most of the esteemed visitors to the lounge would have found the taste a bit off, but seeing that one former Prime Minister over in India liked the stuff, one would not be surprised if some remarked,

"I  kind of like the new flavor Mate!" 

I choose to laugh rather than cry. 


UPDATE April 2015, :  The new cocktail drink called 'Pee Johnny' does not contain that stuff as the name suggests but simply makes one produce a lot of it in a pressing hurry. Perhaps the cooks had been drinking some of that :)  It is described here: 


ashok said…
In a separate discussion on this on Metro we are trying to find a reasonable explanation for this. perhaps the cook ran out of salt and did not want to keep the Honorable judges waiting :)
ashok said…
Elsewhere someone suggested that the chef was pissed off by the curly white wigs his clients wear so he was merely returning the favor :)

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