The Joy of Simplicity - Seven Truths

Right Effort
Wickedness and Lying
Some words in a picture!
universal love

order and beauty
Non violence


DrGlen Hepker said…
Yes, this is so important Ashok! This healthful philosophy is what is very much so! The weight of violence in our world almost appears to be overcoming all of the goodness. So far, not - but one truly wonders(?) - Glen
ashok said…
Thanks Glen. These words simply emphasize basic virtues like love,truth, beauty, simplicity and as you have rightly picked the very first step before anything else is non- violence. But beyond that greed to is a major issue that prevents our world from becoming a better. place
DrGlen Hepker said…
It is a pleasure and honor, Sir. Brightest of blessings in your week - Glen
ashok said…
Thanks a lot Glen. Best wishes for the wonderful work you are doing. Many Blessings.

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