A New Title for this Blog

 When this blog was created some years ago, I began by writing posts related to the spiritual side of life. Later posts of a green life were added and the title was changed to “Spiritual Thoughts for a Green World’. Since then other posts have been included on the economy and other things. Therefore today I am changing the title to a more appropriate one ‘Life and Spirituality’. The url remains the same therefore you would still land here when you click on a link posted elsewhere earlier.


keiko amano said…

I like the new title, but not - - - - before the title.

ashok said…
Thanks Keiko, I shall delete the ----
ashok said…
There Keiko, its gone now :)
keiko amano said…
It looks 100% better!
ashok said…
Thanks Keiko. I am fully aware of your refined aesthetic sensibilities and appreciate them.

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