A Concern more serious than Horse Meat for Europe – Dog Meat

There has been hue and cry in Europe that some samples of beef have been adulterated by horse meat. Presently widespread testing of meat products is on in Europe and such samples are being withdrawn from the shelves Europeans are feeling relieved but sitting far away here nearer to the Himalayas rather than the Alps, the news that processed meat is being tested for Horse DNA has caused a serious concern in the  mind of this blogger for fellow humans of a neighboring continent. Therefore I have rushed to post it right away so that it may catch the attention of the right persons on the net.

The concern is that if a company is willing to deceive as regards horse meat what prevents it from deceiving with other kinds of red meat available even more easily such as dog, cat, buffalo, camel etc. etc. Although some of these meats are not available in Europe they are available across the lagoon from Europe (my term for North Africa).

Tests for horse DNA will not reveal if a sample is adulterated by dog meat or any other meat unless the sample is tested specifically for dog meat or other meats. Is that being done? A test for horse DNA will not reveal if dog meat has been added. All of the meats mentioned here are enjoyed as a delicacy in some part of the world or the other. It appears that Koreans love dog meat whereas a great majority of humans detest it.

In the end the easiest route out for Europeans has been suggested in my previous post regarding horse meat. ( http://someitemshave.blogspot.in/2013/02/how-to-stop-eating-horse-meat-cow-hides.html) Please do refer to it for useful information on the topic.  A second suggestion may be made to Europeans who are removing horse meat from the shelves - please do not discard it. There are hungry persons in parts of Africa where horse meat is consumed traditionally (e.g. Tunisia) who would appreciate it as a gift or even purchase it. To restore order just put a sticker on the pack saying – Contains Horse Meat 

Later as a result of this blog post if dog meat is found in European processed meat; please consider sending it to North Korea :)

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UPDATE: March 29 2013, It seems that the concern mentioned more than a month ago in this post may be coming true as for example mentioned in the report http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dog-cat-curry-fears-over-1789118
However, the food inspectors are beating around the bush by testing for all sorts of possibilities including the ridiculous - human meat - but the obvious dog and cat meat - it is possible that they are trying to protect the processed food industry while giving an impression of trying to be helpful. That sort of thing is done in other countries too. Money power rules the roost. This blog has been prophetic more than once. However, thank God, it was big chunks of meat or there was even a possibility of rats. Well  one should hope in the very least that it is not poop, steaming hot :). There is a post on that too in this blog. Check the left side bar for a link to that.


DrGlen Hepker said…
Being a vegetarian, this is 'beyond the pale.' It is so hard to fathom, yet I know such things go on everyday. It makes one's heart heavy. These terrible practices much stop before humankind can evolve to a higher level of insight. - Glen
ashok said…
Absolutely right Dr Glen. Thanks for your input.
It is really tragic how oblivious some becomes to the suffering of other living things when it comes to satisfying their own needs. In modern time with the wide variety of foods that are available to most it is unnecessary to perpetuate this cruelty. Compassion and non-violence is perhaps the first step to evolution and higher levels of insight as you have put.
ashok said…
now others are also expressing fear of dog meat for example

that link would have to be copied and pasted

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