Human Needs and Quackery

Whenever a human need arises a human often tends to seeks help from other humans. Thus when a human has a health problem he seeks a doctor that can help him. The trouble is that this world is made up opposites -  good and bad, truth and lies etc. For every genuine practitioner out there, there are also quacks willing to lie about their abilities or to exploit the need of a fellow human to satisfy their greed rather than any sincere desire to help. Unlucky persons can get trapped by such exploiters or agents of the devil and instead of getting real help end up loosing their health or money or both. It requires utmost wisdom to protect oneself from falling into the wrong hands.

Such quackery and greed does not exist merely in the field of medicine but also in every other sphere of human need. What may be said though that more acute the human need, the more extensive  the exploitation. Unfortunately, spiritual quackery has also been widespread in human societies from ancient times. Such quacks range from traditional  witch doctors to modern cult gurus. A number of organizations too have been built up that dish out spurious spiritual knowledge with an eye on your pocket. At times these organizations are built up on the foundations of the teachings a saintly spiritual master. However since such organizations are more concerned about their incomes and influence rather that truth, it is not surprising that they embellish the original spiritual teaching with falsehoods and deplorable practices, all in the name of the holy revered saint and Almighty God.

It is not difficult  to pick out the frauds. See if they are in to accumulating wealth. They usually do it in a so called charitable foundation but keep full control in their hands for every possible luxury they may need. A truly charitable foundation/trust/society is not controlled by a family or a couple of persons close to the founder but by personalities from public chosen by well laid out criteria. Another check is to see if a cult is focusing and pandering primarily to the rich with a few poor thrown in for ad value. What is true of such fraudulent cults is also true of political ones in democracies of the world as well as billionaire ones and similar tests apply there too.

With modern science, communications and media such spurious organizations are exposed more quickly now than in ancient times. The result is that many modern humans have distanced themselves from such organizations and some even shun all spiritual knowledge as crap. That is unfortunate because just as there are genuine and quack doctors, there are also genuine spiritual masters. There have been persons like Gandhi, Kabir, Jesus, Buddha and numerous others who are not so well known but have been sincere seekers, practitioners and teachers. One of my favorites is the author Paul Brunton who pursued spiritual knowledge and documented his findings in numerous notes and books.

These latter saintly beings did not go about amassing wealth but rather even gave up what little or immense wealth of their own they had. Buddha gave up a kingdom. The words of such spiritual masters deserve respect and can be used by other humans capable of independent study to acquire spiritual knowledge in order to acquire immense peace and happiness that such knowledge can add to their lives, besides helping a human to evolve to wiser states of being. Care is required in selecting ancient scriptures for study though. The craftiness of the wicked has resulted in undesirable insertions and editing in order to lead the student away from genuine knowledge and into their laps.


Sandy Shaw said…
Nice Article! Thanks for sharing with us.
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ashok said…
Thanks a lot Sandy.

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