How to Solve the Global Warming Problem within a Year

Me on the way to Nainital during a dry summer month

While nearly all scientists and experts agree that global warming is probably due to human activity, not many agree on the precise cause and which of the various human activities is to blame. The following two are the most suspected:

  1. Increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere
  2. Increased deforestation

My own leaning is towards cause number two. The reasons for that have been discussed in my steam center blog and I shall not go into that again. Here is just a suggestion that could take care of the problem in a jiffy whatever be the cause.

The population of grown up humans on our planet is currently around five billion. If each of these humans planted two trees each, the additional ten billion trees would take care of the entire carbon emission (through carbon capture) or deforestation problem for a year. The trees can be planted anywhere in town or country side. However, if humans continue to generate carbon dioxide at the same rate they would have to repeat the exercise every year for fifty years.

Those who are unable to plant a tree on their own may be obliged to pay a fee to enable others to do it on their behalf. The operation will help the economy too by creating professional tree planters who plant for a fee and certifiers who certify that they have been properly planted with photographic record. Even the poor should pay this fee/fine or if they cannot they can plant a couple of trees instead.

In making this recommendation, I have not made any precise calculations (it is just the idea) and the numbers suggested here could vary depending on that.


priyarajan said…
hello sir/madam
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