Back to Nature and the Spirit

Many of my recent posts have focused on economic, political and social issues. The hope was of making a contribution, howsoever small to alleviating human distress and increasing human happiness. However, the fact is that focusing on such issues does not purify the soul as easily as communing with nature does, and it is the purest of souls, the yogis whose consciousness is united with the universal consciousness who are able to make significant and dramatic contributions towards improving the human situation. It is because of the contribution of innumerable such yogis that human civilization has been advancing slowly but surely over time.

Although many complain about the present day one per cent economy, an economy in which one per cent of the population controls 99 per cent of the resources, not very long ago in human society it was a one person economy, where one person controlled and owned 99 per cent of the resources of a nation. Indeed in a few countries of the world it is still like that. Whereas now nation states have raised an unbearable debt burden perhaps to sustain a political party in democratic power, not very long ago, nations raised unbearable debts to wage a war or to build a new palace for the King. Whereas now some nations sponsored the forced taking away of children from their loving mothers for adoption, not long ago it was for trading them as slaves.

Slowly but surely human society will continue to move forward perhaps from a one per cent economy to a 25 per cent economy, an economy in which 25 per cent of the population owns 75 per cent of the resources. Such an economy would be more in line with the rule of ten mentioned in an earlier post. Perfect equality is unsustainable and it is foolish to hope for it. Inequality amongst humans is as natural as inequality amongst the trees of the forest and it this inequality that drives growth.

Therefore while changes continue to take place in the world as they must, personally for me the time has come to return my focus to nature, the beautiful mountains, forests and blue lakes of the Himalayas, the beautiful face of mother Earth. As one gets close to Nature and Mother Earth one comes close to Father too - Father Universe - because Father and Mother live in such close unity that they are both one and the same. A sexual distinction is required only for intermediate life forms for perpetuation. It is not required by either the simplest of life or the most advanced. The unity of the minute with the immense is a paradoxical characteristic of the Universal spirit that dwells simultaneously in a tiny temple chamber as in the infinity of the Universe.

The individual spirit moved by individual ego, desire and selfishness might enjoy the finite individual pleasure of such pursuits temporarily. It has to be temporary because the finite is subject to time. The yogi, with his consciousness united with the infinite on the other hand may in the limit enjoy eternal and infinite bliss because true to its paradox the smallest living particle of the universe, a particle of light and the Infinite are both beyond time.


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