A Beautiful Definition of God

God has been defined in this blog in several places as everything there is, the entire universe and even beyond if there is anything beyond the universe, both the seen and unseen aspects of the universe. However that is a rather bland definition, perhaps a bit scientific. A new beautiful definition of God by Vincent has appeared at http://perpetual-lab.blogspot.com/

A Presence, an attentive Presence, there in times of need; the need to give thanks and the need to beg, and the need to surrender one’s life to something higher.

I fully agree with this definition and cannot  improve upon it or perhaps a just bit by adding the additional words “A loving, truthful and attentive Presence, all powerful and fully in control of everything that happens in the universe instead of just an attentive presence. But perhaps then the definition would become cumbersome and lose some of its beauty. There is much older post in this blog about God here or if one is an atheist over here

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Vincent said…
Well, thanks Ashok, but taking it in context I was only defining my god, which I did not even grace with the dignity of a capital letter. Not any public God, because then you get into politics: the Lord God of the Children of Israel, the God of the American Dollar ("In God we trust") and so on. I abjure any attempt at a public definition. God with a capital "G" is a battleground. Enough.

(You see, I can go on arguing even when you thought you agreed with me.)
ashok said…
Vincent, I did see your loer case g but I take that as one of the infinite descriptions of God. Even earthly beautiful things like Himalayas have many different descriptions and God definitely has, each definition describing an aspect of the Infinite. I quoted your description because it is one of the more beautiful ones I have seen
Vincent said…
Well thanks again, Ashok. I must try and be more gracious.
ashok said…
You already are very gracious Vincent. I do not object to your contentions at all since they help to clarify and improve ideas.

All our thoughts on such deep matters can only be provisional and subject to revision. I reserve my faith (non- revisional ideas) to only the barest minimum - i.e belief in God and a soul that oulasts death.
raymond said…
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raymond said…
(deleted the first so I could request the email)

I agree that Vincent has nailed it, the concept of this experiential God. I would just add that finding this God is a crap shoot. Many have not found it through no fault of their own. So is it really universally loving?
raymond said…
"God with a capital "G" is a battleground."

Indeed. Meister Eckhart: "I pray God to be rid of God."
ashok said…
Raymond, You may find my new post " How Humans punis --- " interesting.

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