God is Love


There may be reason enough to reject a religion but that is not a reason to reject God; Because God is Love. It is unfortunate that some persons regard some religion or the concerned preacher in consideration as an authority on God and rejected God because of that. Such persons make another error when they refer to God, as this god or that god because there is Just one God.

In a recent response to Stephen Hawking elsewhere who claimed that God may exist but theology was not necessary to explain creation, that could take place spontaneously by laws of gravity and quantum theory. I agree fully with Stephen Hawking. Theology of the many types that goes around is not necessary to explain creation, but Gravity is, and as mentioned elsewhere in this blog more than once, Gravity is one of the manifestations of God that makes Him create the universe spontaneously.

There are many other manifestations of God. Another is love. Without the motherly love, one of the finest manifestations of God, with which creatures of various sorts care for their young, sustaining life and evolution would be impossible. More has been written about that in an earlier post – Love is the basis of Life.


Rebb said…
Hi Ashok,

Well said, Ashok. “One God and Love is the basis of Life.” Yes!

The path to God is there for all to find in their own way, as you mention in your previous post. It seems too that once we have a relationship with God, there is not the need to speak of it directly (unless occasion call for it), but rather allow our love and joy to manifest in all that we do and to translate to all whom we interact with. That, I have found, is more powerful than anything because we can “feel” love, either through, action, words, a smile, or understanding. Always it is most powerful through these simple acts.

Very lovely flower photo.
Ashok said…
Thank you Rebb. So very well explained.

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