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Back from my trip and checking out some of Vincent’s posts I was delighted to read that Vincent has now started to believe in the existence of Angels. He will not believe in anything easily unless he has very sound proof of it. I hope this belief of his is long lasting.

Simultaneously, Vincent mentioned that he still does not believe in God. That is all right because as discussed much in this blog earlier that is a matter of definition. There is as yet no common definition of God among humans. I too disagree with several prevailing definitions of God. 

My own definition of God is very simple and so I have no difficulty in believing in God. To me God is everything there is, the entire universe and beyond, if there is anything beyond the universe. I also believe that this Everything has an infinite intelligence and an infinite consciousness with our own being small parts of it. Spiritual evolution to me is establishing a closer relationship of our finite part with this Infinite Whole. Angels to me are parts or beings of this universe that have achieved a closer union with Infinite Consciousness as compared to the most evolved of humans.The most advanced of angels are close companions of God, with their individual will in harmony with His. The infinite universe abounds with an infinite number of planets full of life. It has beings more evolved than humans and beings that are less evolved. Physical living bodies may not be able to traverse the huge distances across life bearing planets, except those that can be frozen and survive such as bacteria (see here) but there are no barriers for thoughts and souls.
I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel much around this world and experience much the human condition, definitely far more than most of my friends who have led a more disciplined and uniform life. In these adventures, both good and bad, there have been several occasions close to danger or grave harm, but in every case, God and His wonderful angels have saved me. Hayden, who has a closer relationship with her angels, had mentioned that we as humans would not survive for long without the help of our guardian angels and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Our guardian angels must love us dearly indeed and one is ever grateful for their watchful and loving eye, although at times I direct this gratefulness directly to God and at times to His loving Angels. I do not have any idea if my angels have any defined shape or form and sometimes I visualize them in the a few chosen shapes from among the various gods and goddesses that various human civilizations have cherished from ancient times, on some occasions I assign no form to them but just try to feel their presence in a spirit of love, joy and gratefulness.

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Vincent said…
Well, Ashok, I have no problem with your definition of God, and your idea of spiritual evolution, and what you say about angels. It's a beautiful post that you have written.

And it's good to know you are back!
ashok said…
Thanks Vincent, Good to hear from you
Hayden said…
yooo-hooo! send me an email, ashok, I can't find your email address, so am unable to invite you. mine is
Hayden said…
Delighted to see your re-entry post, I missed your intelligent conversation!

There are those who say that even God is evolving. That each of his creatures plays a role in the play of exploring and creating what is possible. Those people suggest that one of our human roles has been to serve as eyes that enabled God to physically see, for the first time, the wonder of this world from outside of the earth's atmosphere.

Whether one accepts this set of beliefs or not is irrelevant to me. What I find fascinating is the perspective it offers, and the role it provides us as co-creators. Not equal in knowledge, capacity or vision, but still a spark of god-stuff in us that allows us to create and mold our surroundings for good or evil. As a 'thinking experiment' it fascinates me.
ashok said…
Great to hear from you Hayden. I shall send you an email rightaway and hope you allow me access to your page. I have a google email that I use to sign into blogger etc. but rarely check that email box otherwise. The other is my hotmail address that I check regularly and dont post anywhere to avoid spam. soon you shall receive an email from there
ashok said…
Hayden I had posted a message fro you in Vincents blog too (it is in his older last post now) Hope you check.

I completely agree wth you that we share in Gods work along with the angels and every other citter down to the bacteria. We are some of God's infinite hands. In return though God appears to have given us free will so often we do not do according to his will and make a mess. But that is as children make a mess at home from time to time and a parent comes to restore order later, so God too is ever busy in restoring his order or plan that we tend to disrupt on occassions.

Angels by definition are more responsible and hence have been given greater powers by God, like an older child who does not drink all the time is given the car keys and the house gun.
Hayden said…
ashok, have not yet received an email (in case you sent one.) Checked my junk mail too.

I think we both follow the same general notion about how *god* works. I was startled, though, at the notion of being presented with the "house gun!" I've been told that guns are more prevalent in the US than elsewhere, yet the comment surprised me. Are guns commonly kept in India?
ashok said…

Some people keep Guns home in India for hunting as such. Used to be more common when I was younger and limited hunting for deer was permitted. Now it is banned. my recent comment though had US and other countries in mind where I have lived and Guns are more common.

Do not know what happened to the email. I shall attempt once more and check my sent mails too to see if some error may have been made in sending the mail. In the meantime could you grant me access by using my gmail id - I am eager to check out your blog
Hayden said…
Here, hunting for deer is slowly coming back into favor by the growing sustainable living people. A good thing, too, for they have long been both a menace and an under-used source of nutrition. We removed the predators and declined to take their place, while creating lots of meadows (lawns, gardens, parks, golf courses, etc) so that their numbers are at an all-time high for their species. For many years hunting was out of favor and thought of as barbarous - now that the truth about the barbarities practiced in the factories that farm and process animals are better understood, it seems reasonably benign. A change in the cultural understanding...

I think most people here do keep their guns in a locked gun safe. And parents are fully culpable for accidents and actions of their children through age 18 when committed with a gun owned by the parent, so the pressure to control guns has become greater, access less casual.
ashok said…
Not had meat for a long time but I loved deer meat at one time as one of the best kinds of meat and would go for it if available here and if deer numbers were becoming excessive.
Ashok said…
This is a very old post from 2010. Finding some recent interest in it today, I rechecked, edited a bit and added some nice NASA images before sharing it again on google plus and twitter etc. if any reader has any new comments/insights on the subject please do share

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