When Heart Disease is a Blessing

Doctors may have diagnosed some persons who suffer from occasional chest pain and discomfort as suffering from a heart condition that might one-day lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death. They may then worry about the condition and explore surgical intervention to correct the condition. Before arriving at any such decision do be careful. Evaluate that your genuine welfare and and not just the financial interest of the doctor is speaking. Greed does drive much in our world. However, there are some who do not worry about heart disease and consider that the disease may even be a blessing. Surprised?

The reasoning goes something like this. All persons have to die one day and when that time comes they shall eventually suffer a cardiac arrest. Now that final cardiac arrest can come in different ways that can be classified into two categories.

The first category of causes for the final cardiac arrest (death) is after some accident or serious illness such as the failure of some critical organ in the body, cancer or indeed any other number of different ways death takes place. The second category of causes is a direct cardiac arrest that takes place without any other illness or accident. It is usually sudden and may happen to a person who is in reasonable health prior to the attack. 

Considering the two different methods of death if given the choice (a choice that only the Almighty can give), this author would definitely go for the second since it appears to be the route of least agony. Such a thing is more likely to happen to someone who suffers from a disease of the heart rather than another who suffers from some other disease say of the lungs or cancer. If the person in question is not very young i.e. well past the age of fifty, if the final exit from this world is not preceded by prolonged sickness, it is indeed fortunate. In that sense heart disease may be viewed as a blessing. If the person is a spiritual one who believes in life after death, then he may not worry about leaving this body when the time comes and feel relieved that such a moment is not preceded by extended illness and suffering.


ashok said…
Today a dear friend GVRS informed that such a thing as sudden arrest after a happy game happened to him but his partner in the game was a critical care specialist who revived him immediately and admitted him to a hospital. he is scheduled to undergo surgery now to prevent a re-occurence.
Anonymous said…
I love this one, beautiful simplicity. Thank you
Ashok Babaji said…
Thank you very much. Appreciate it
Would love to know your name.
Ashok said…
This note emerged from personal experience. I suffered from severe heart issues between 2001-2007, refused surgical intervention and most pharma except aspirin dissolved in water. With help of nature the condition has mostly gone

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