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How to Achieve Freedom from Fear on Life Airlines

One of the unpleasant things a human has to contend with in life is something called fear. All humans suffer from it in varying degrees. At the extreme end are the paranoid, those who see a demon lurking behind every shadow, or consider every person they spot as someone stalking them and out to do grave harm the first chance they get. These are the paranoid few who need treatment through spiritual, herbal or medical means.

The ordinary human, although not paranoid, also faces assorted fears from time to time. There is the fear that the TV or Fridge would blow up or worse the economy would and all their savings would be wiped away in an instant. If that did not happen they may soon catch cancer from the genetically modified vegetables they have been eating and the savings would be wiped out in medical bills, unless they picked up the Ebola virus or another dastardly one from the air and then their saving would not be needed anyway. Then again one may not catch any of these things, very few do, but instead suffer a flood, earthquake, lightening strike, a forest fire, nuclear war, global warming or perhaps even all these together at one and the same time as happens in an apocalypse; and before that came they might just get mugged on the street or a guy gone crazy in his head would barge in with an assault weapon and start spraying bullets. It is so easy in America, anyone can get a weapon like that and it is so easy to go wonky in one's head, what with prospective Presidents being able to see Russia from across their kitchen windows, LOL. As regards the rest of the world there is enough illegal corruption around so that the more dangerous a person is the easier it is to get one such weapon.

While all of the horrible things mentioned in the last paragraph may not happen, an illegal thing we did years ago may get discovered and we might just get locked up for it for the rest of our lives, or, as happens at times we shall be falsely implicated for that illegal thing we did not do and we might just get locked up for it for the rest of our lives.

Given so many possible fears it is remarkable that many humans get to laugh often and dance at a party; yet there is a degree of fear that almost all have to contend with except for a few hours when we have a couple of drinks and feel like a tiger, a sense of stupid security provided by the intoxication; or indeed even for a few years when the intoxication is of new found wealth or power and when we feel for a time that none in the world can harm us now. But this latter intoxication is also not sustainable; it comes crashing down the moment one realizes that the Ebola and any number of his other virus friends never went to school and neither know how to read your bank accounts nor know that they should be afraid of the dreadful and formidable looking security guards.

While all of the things mentioned may not happen at all, one very fearful thing shall happen to all – death but as regards this last one we can safely bury our head in the sand and pretend we are an ostrich, until Mr. Death comes and kicks us in the butt.

Then there are the pseudo mystics, those who make money out of it, who provide a crutch – live in the moment, the past is gone and the future may never come, so enjoy the moment. Unfortunately the crutch turns out to be no more than a game because the past and future are very much a part of the natural make up of a human or he would never buy toilet paper, because why worry about the shit of tomorrow.

Then there are a few real mystics, and a few others who have picked up the technique from the mystics who have really overcome fear at least to the extent it is humanly possible. Fear is no more a significant issue in their lives. How do they do it? There are two or three things that make it happen for a mystic. First is a belief that there is God who is in full control of everything that happens in the universe and he would ensure that no unnecessary or uncalled for harm would come their way. The second is a belief that the body is just a garment for their real self and it is good to change it every now and then for a nice new suit so that there is nothing more to fear in death than in dressing up for a party. Your new Momma will provide you with cute little baby clothes, all decked up in pretty frills and bows to begin with.

The fears of such mystics then change to no more than concerns. There might be a concern for a loved one dependent on them were they to leave unexpectedly, or that the journey into a new life would be in a horrible painful airlines rather than a quick and nice one. It is no more than a concern though because the button for parachuting out of the flight always remains in their hands. It is a breeze for a Himalayan Mystic to stop breathing at will, that is one of the exercises they learn, control of breathing and the ability to stop it if they so wish, perchance Dick decided to water board them in a torture chamber.

May you too dear reader, overcome any unnecessary fear that you may have in life so that your journey and those of your loved ones is a pleasant experience. You may now unfasten your seat belts and enjoy on board entertainment, a hostess shall presently bring you a choice selection of drinks with roasted almonds and other snacks.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from Mystic Himalayas

Nanda devi and Sunanda Devi peaks of Himalayas. The identification of Sunanda Devi in modern times was done by the present author some years ago.
While a human is an organic whole, one may try to understand a human by classifying his abilities in three parts – Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. While we can understand what physical and intellectual abilities mean, the spiritual side is less understood for there is a hidden or mystical dimension to it.

Of the three abilities, the physical, intellectual and spiritual, the spiritual side is far more powerful than the intellectual while the intellectual side is more powerful than the physical. We know that there are animals like tigers, elephants, strong humans from primitive tribes with a high level of physical abilities yet they achieve much less than humans with higher intellectual abilities. On the other hand, there is  Stephen Hawking with near zero physical abilities but  high intellectual ones who achieves far more for himself and the world.  Similarly when the spiritual ability, the most powerful one of all becomes very low, such as with persons overcome with deep depression, we know that they can do little with any intellectual or physical abilities they may have.

In earlier posts, it was described that in ancient times a plant existed known as Soma that was regarded as a god amongst plants by ancient communities living near the Himalayas. This plant yielded a powerful drink that considerably enhanced human abilities– physical, intellectual and spiritual. Although this plant appears to have become extinct from its original habitats in the old world, it was postulated that it might still continue to exist in the new one and attempts were made to identify it with help of modern information technology. The identification was made with a rather commonly found plant in the Americas – Cornus Sericea – the red twig dogwood (see here).

It was also mentioned that although the Cornus Sericea has found medicinal use amongst native and modern Americans, it is no where near what was described for the ancient Soma. Possible reasons for this were stated. First was that either the plant is incorrectly identified or it is only approximately correct in that a somewhat different species of Cornus or another plant may have existed in the past. The second was that the correct process of preparing a drink from this plant was not being used as in ancient times and the ancient process was then described. Results of using this process are awaited as this is work in progress. This note touches upon a third possible and very significant cause that is to do with the spiritual side.

It has been stated that spiritual side of humans is their most powerful side and if there is little progress on that side the progress on the other two, physical and intellectual is also impeded. As compared to physical and intellectual abilities there is something very distinct about spiritual abilities. The first two are confined to the individual and separate from others so that external agents such as a powerful medicinal drink may act independently to enhance or destroy. However, spiritual abilities do not exist in isolation from the world and universe around us. Rather they have everything to do with uniting our consciousness with the universe. When people talk of adhering to love or truth as a measure of a high degree of spirituality this has something to do with how an individual relates to the world and is not confined to the individual. One could lie to dooms day all alone in the wilderness and it would not amount to anything.

Thus, in order to derive any spiritual benefit from a drink or potion our personal participation becomes necessary and it is this participation that may be lacking that denies spiritual benefits of the magical Soma drink to modern consumers of this god of plants. Once the spiritual benefit comes the other two, physical and intellectual ones too can unfold fully.

Ancient Soma drinkers lived in close harmony with nature and plants and could easily unite their consciousness with that of plants and the universe around them but the question is how a modern human may participate spiritually in the experience of the Soma. It is not very difficult, and the hints to that have been given in the very first hymns on Soma in the Rig Veda the ancient sacred text of the Soma drinkers.

These hymns signify humility and gratefulness to the plant god for granting enhanced abilities. The ancient Soma drinkers went further. Always when a fresh batch was prepared, a portion was first offered in sacrifice to the Universe for thankfulness by offering some to its holy parts, the sacred fire, lakes or a river etc. only then was the rest consumed. The second was an adherence to the law, things like compassion, truth and service to others. It was with this participation that the Soma was then able to participate and assist humans in awakening their spiritual sides and then awakening the intellectual and physical was a minor matter.

But alas, when humans get what they want they are prone to err so that it is not want that vanishes with prosperity beyond a point for some but a wicked greed that rears it head and it is was not long before Soma receded to the heavens it came from.

When Soma,  was still amongst them, ancient Soma drinkers rose up with a roar and a battle cry to defeat minions of the devil that have always lurked amongst mankind, at times in the shadows and at times leading from the front, so that things like military style assault weapons are not handed to all and sundry for killing each other,  even those wonky in their heads to blast the shits out of fellow humans to kingdom come, just for the fun of it, a background check would just slow down sales and spoil the profits; so that manufacturers of weapons can laugh all the way to the bank or their mansions, so that wealth is made not to ease the suffering of  fellow humans but to increase inequality and to drive them to the street, but the devil is hardly satisfied, he shall make  it illegal to show compassion and feed the hungry.

Dear Bernie Sanders, are you listening, many have seen a hope of change through you ?

So that military style assault weapons are taken away from hands they do not belong to, of the law keepers and the civilian citizens, and given where they belong, to the military,  so that your fellow citizens are able to offer a piece of bread and a little cheese to that poor old lady down the corner, starving for over a week now, without being caught and put in prison for it  by those well fed on steaks on wine out of money collected by the taxes from those struggling with their bills, 
And then she wipeth her mouth by the back of her hand and says if she can't find bread why can't that old hag have cake instead.
Are you going to say it is OK that tens of thousands more of kids be mutilated in Gaza and their homes blown to smithereens,  because it is by our friends, as perhaps someone said, and send over a new consignment of weapons for more of the same, because some of them are your brothers too?

Dear Bernie, would you be able to restore the values that once helped make America the greatest of nations on Earth, values that have been disappearing with increasing speed over the last thirty years (see here), driving the wealth of the nation in fewer and fewer hands and setting similar examples for the rest of the world as the world's leading economy, for just as men follow the examples of leaders, nations follow the examples of leading nations in all things, whether they be good or whether they be bad.

Are you going to change things so that your fellow brothers can return to their homes from street homeless, so that infants, if any, in cold damp cells on the southern borders are freed to sunshine and fresh air, and a pair of new shoes too, the old ones are torn and their feet are bleeding, and a teddy bear for the sweet little five year old girl because she is still crying in a corner of that damp cell, because she lost her mama and was returned from the bus that tried to take her to a facility in California, (see here)

because men gathered on the highway outside the village in California to stop their bus from proceeding onwards to a facility, to shake their fists in anger, wave flags furiously and shout to her, go back, go back you little bitch,  while the little girl screamed in fright, screaming momma, momma, as huge tears rolled down her cheeks; and then the Mayor came out to say a lie to all and TV that she has Ebola and TB;

Did it anger the Lord so that a drought and fires swept over the surrounding lands and a dark poison over the oceans, for it is in these sweet children that the Lord and his angles traverse the earth.

It is then the dogwood shall be recognized as god wood, that came to live so freely amongst the people and no longer remain a wood for the dogs, and then shall many rise with a roar, not of assault weapons, not a sound of go back, go back you little bitch, but rather a song of Praise to salute a god of the ancients and everything that stands for love and compassion, and then shall return the green of fields of California and laughter in the almond groves, then shall the forests of California sooth with their shade rather than scorch with fire, and the dolphins shall return to play in the oceans, while in far way Manhattan an unarmed  black youth shall sing on the street freely rather than run away in fear at the sight of a man in uniform for he may be shot at or choked to death, but perchance if it did happen, those who did it shall not be acquitted by a jury ever so Grand .

Hail Soma the Compassionate, god amongst plants.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Magic of Soma –Closing a three thousand year long search

A thousand shining red stalks of Soma rise up towards the heavens ready for harvest by ten virgin maidens to prepare a drink of the gods with ten gentle fingers  (description as per Soma hymns in Rig Veda).

 This research is dedicated not to a patent but to the planet and to International Yoga day, June 21 for peace, harmony and brotherhood amongst nations and mankind
While the ancients composed thousands of hymns in praise of Soma while it was around, such hymns stopped when the plant disappeared. Recently on reading these blog posts, on a likely rediscovery of this plant a few days ago, a dear friend Vinod Khurana composed a new one (he retired as the senior most officer of the equivalent of IRS of India a few years ago).

by Vinod Khurana
 (A modern hymn in praise of Soma composed after a gap of more than three thousand years)
Soma is no ordinary plant
it grows in the heavens
much loved by the gods
who rule over the earth
They drink of it much
to quench their thirst
and multiply their prowess

Sages who love gods
and pray for mankind
welfare of one and all
they are dear to gods
and were gifted such a gift
Soma the king of plants
But such is human greed
it appropriates everything
what was a gift of god
to sages who knew its worth
it vanished from the earth
Those who care to know
they shall find for sure
if somewhere it still grows
to offer as a gift
as did gods to sages
for benefit of mankind
and do a great service!

Sent with warm regards to author from Vinod Khurana
This is the third consecutive article on Soma in this blog. There are articles on several medicinal trees, herbs and flowers in this blog but all have merited only one post each except for the magical Soma for it is a god of the plant world. So magical are its effects that it makes a human god-like on drinking it. All of their physical, intellectual and spiritual powers are enhanced rapidly and simultaneously on consuming the drink from this plant. It is because of this that human civilizations have been searching for it for more than three thousand years ever since it disappeared from its original Himalayan habitats, often resorting to poor and harmful substitutes in futile attempts to achieve the same effects (except perhaps for cannabis that has benefited meditating sages for meditation). If you arrived directly at this post you may wish to learn more about this magical shrub/tree in the earlier two posts beginning here. While this drink was available to the ancient Indo Aryans, they wrote thousands of hymns in its praise as recorded in the ancient book of Rig Veda, a sacred text.

In the previous post the results of the most recent search for this plant by this author identified it with a plant that grows widely in North America, the red twig dogwood or Cornus Sericea or another Cornus species that is very close to it and may have become extinct. If latter is the case it would still be possible to recover it by slight modifications of the available Cornus Sericea. While Soma may have become extinct from its original Himalayan habitats because of over harvesting there is no reason why it should have become extinct in other parts of the world where humans did not know of the full magic of this plant. One reason for extinction was that it is not the fruit or flowers of this plant that is useful but the stems themselves are needed for preparing a drink i.e. the whole tree.

The question that deserves asking is if this plant could not be located for three thousand years, how has it been located all of a sudden now? The answer to that is simple – the internet and Google search. Twenty years ago without these tools it would have been very difficult for any researchers to search the wide world for a plant with some given characteristics and some five hundred years ago before the Americas were discovered it would have been impossible. However the internet search makes it a breeze now to scan through millions of pieces of data from around the world. Starting with a knowledge of Soma from Rig Veda (because of spiritual studies), knowledge of medicinal trees and shrubs (from environmental interests) and a knowledge of scientific literature search (from background as a scientist)  and the internet, this author began with the most dominant characteristics of the ancient Soma stalks that are green, yellow, brown and red and then for those that were edible and so on, those that grew on moist ground in the wild, were edible and had medicinal value it was not long before the plant was found as one common in North America, the Cornus Sericea. The Cornus has many varieties and it cannot be said with surety if the ancient Soma was precisely this species of the present plant or one closely related to it such as a hybrid with Cornus sanguinea found more widely in the old world. Such a determination would require further research. Here are some random observations about this plant that the author picked up here and there from the net while researching for information,

"Gives great physical strength for a Canoe race"
 "Like morphine without the addiction"
"High like a wine but without that fuzzy feeling in head"
"Like a third eye feeling in middle of forehead"

The Cornus Sericea has found much medicinal use by Native Americans but hardly to the extent of the famed Soma of ancient Aryans. There can be two simple reasons for this as listed below:

  1. The Cornus Sericea has been incorrectly identified as a soma species:  There is not much chance of that because this author has not been able to locate another plant that fits the bill, multiple stalks that range in colors of yellow, golden yellow, brown and red that grows on wetlands that are edible and medicinal. The animals love to eat this plant in the wild too. However, it is entirely possible that there existed in the past or still exists another Cornus species or a yet to be identified palnt that had even more powerful health benefits. This is because the Cornus has many variations from harmful to healthy. However even if one is close to the final identification one has more or less closed the search. The only other plant that remotely fits the description as per the present search are some varieties of sugar cane like plants but they do not have the many described health giving properties of Soma aside from sweetness.
  2. The plant has not been processed in the best possible way to derive its full benefit in modern times:  This second is not only a possibility but rather it is a fact. Modern processes for the use of this plant are not similar to the original ancient one. It is well known with any plant food that processing is a critical step. For example the same grapes can yield an awful wine or an excellent one depending on the process, one harmful for health and another good for it. Raw peanuts and potatoes will give you colic or make you phart without roasting or cooking. Plants like cannabis are just hay unless processed in the prescribed manner in order to yield its medicinal benefits. Therefore the focus must now be on using the correct process to extract a drink from Cornus Sericea and study its effect. This is work in progress and the results are awaited. This blogger has requested others to join in the task since presently he does not have physical access to this plant
  3. A third reason for the full benefit not having been experienced so far in the modern era is related to yoga and spirituality. It is presently left out of this note since it would not interest all. However aspects of it are included in another note here
The Soma drink was consumed by ancient Aryan warriors before battle for physical strength and alertness and one is reminded of the modern fictional character Asterix the Gaul and the magic potion brewed by Getafix that gives the Gaulish warriors their strength. brewed from various herbs, found around the village and the forests surrounding it. One wonders if this idea may have come from early European translations of the Rig Veda.

The Process for Preparing the Magical Soma Drink

Although the Rig Veda has several thousand hymns describing the process of preparing the Soma drink, these are not described with precision but are rather the observations of a poet expressed in poetry. The original poets would not have felt any need to do that since the process had been passed down from tradition and was well known to the ancient Soma drinkers. However, one must draw whatever guidance one can from these hymns in order to rediscover the precise process now that the god of the plant world appears to have been identified.


The first step was the gathering of stems and crushing them with stones. The hymns describe great clanging and beating noises in this step. The operation was factory like since the drink was prepared for a community as a whole. The red twigs have a tough wood and require force to crush them to a pulp along with the barks. In modern experiments this can be done on a small scale but metal hammers should be avoided as they were in the entire ancient process too and wooden ones would not be strong enough. The choice return to stones and large rounded ones from the river would be best. The crushed pulp may then be transferred to a wooden vessel or perhaps even glass or china vessels

Adding Water

This is another step that has not been specified precisely in the hymns although there are references to wetting by water. If one were to take a hint from wine making, the crushed grapes are left to infuse in good drinking quality water for several hours one may do the same. To be on the safe side one may begin by just covering the pulp with water and not adding too much of it. Perhaps adding too much water may cause the oils in the juice to separate. As to how many hours they have to be left is another unanswered question. The Soma hymns describe a continuous conveyor belt type factory like process where no time appears to have been given for infusion. Therefore do not leave the pulp in water for longer than an hour. The juices appear to anti bacterial and anti fungal but this author is not fully certain of this yet. Do not attempt an alcohol extract it will draw compound that will ruin most of the benefit.


The entire mixture has to be poured for filtration next. The hymns describe pressing the pulp with ten fingers (squeezing between both hands) to extract the juices from the pulp. The excess water in the pulp can be poured directly to the filter prior to this pressing. Do ensure that hands are thoroughly clean.


The original filtration was done through thick layers of woolen felt from which the filtered juice emerged drop by drop. Howver that might become too slow for a small scale and one might just filter through a single layer of woolen cloth or piece of woolen blanket placed in a strainer. Do try and get cloth or blanket made from real lambs wool in order not to deiviate from the original material just in case it has a role. It may be mentioned that the Cornus Sericea barks and stems contain both sugars and bitter compound such as tannins. The final drink however was a sweet one and it seems that in the process of extraction the bitter components were removed. This would happen if some of the components are not water soluble or if the tannins etc. reacted with the protein and precipitated out and was then trapped in the blanket. This may be the most painful and slowest part of the process. The Hymns describe Soma as a flood that entered the woolen felt and got lost only to emerge purified drop by drop later.

Storing in wooden vessels

The hymns clearly describe the storing of drink in wooden vats and the same must be adhered too. A glass or china one would not permit breathing and a metal one may react with some of the compounds to lose their properties. How long the drink has to be left stored and covered has not been described but it does seem that it was not long and that is just as well to prevent bacterial or fungal growth. The wood used has not been specified in the texts. Archeological research may discover that (see). However, any of the woods used in kitchen ware or beer barrels may be suitable and perhaps Oak might be good.

Mixing with Milk/curds

This last step is an essential one. Several hymns describe mixing cows or even human milk in the juice before consumption and one also mentions cooking with milk. What has not been mentioned however is how much milk to mix. The best approach therefore would to begin experimenting by adding 50 ml juice to a glass of milk and then later increasing it to make a half and half mix for testing. Please do use full cream milk as the fat component may be required to dissolve some of the compound while the protein compound would help to neutralize any bitter ones. Some adults do not digest milk well, they may then use beaten yoghurt instead. The Soma hymns mention this variation. Yoghurt is well digested by most.

For the purpose of experimentation the entire operation can be carried out on a small scale in a kitchen too after collecting the wood from a garden or the wild. As per the hymns collection can be at any time of the year with each stage of the plant producing benefits but somewhat different effects because the stem compounds change with the seasons. The early spring ones and green shoots are best for physical things whereas the deep winter red ones for wisdom. One might want to keep ones mind off sexual thoughts if one wishes to avoid increasing that engagement because apparently it increases potency and ability in that direction too. Keeping to ethical behavior (keeping to the law as per the book) before or after consumption increases bliss, spiritual attainment and anti aging effects as per the texts. Compounds present in the juice apparently stall or retard aging of living cells as per the hymns and make a person look younger while beautifying the skin. Although this is not mentioned in the texts, rubbing the final drink on skin and face for some time before a bath would also act as a beauty lotion  as per modern information on the subject and the possible compounds in the juice.


It goes without saying that in order to avoid any potential risk the experiment must be done under the guidance of a medical and herbal practitioners, although once this author gets hold of this shrub he shall do so without any taking a cue from the variety of animals from dears to bears who love to munch on it.


In case the process as described yields an extremely beneficial drink, it would be something that would benefit all of mankind because aside from its health and intellectual benefits the drink also promotes spiritual awakening and ethical behavior, something that the modern world facing excessive greed and violence is increasingly in need of. As explained in earlier posts this author has intentionally shared all this in the public domain and avoided any temptation of patenting etc. because he believes that health and spiritual things must not be so, and because of fear that corporate interests would monopolise it to deny benefit to people at large as they did with cannabis and hemp or make it prohibitively expensive. Such thing s are a gift from the universe and must remain in the public domain to freely benefit all. So get out there and grab a drink dear friends before the FDA gets in and makes it a schedule I drug or the wall street barons get in and destroy plantations as they did with hemp. .

A NOTE: While the contents of this blog are not country specific and directed at the world in general aided by the fact that his blogger has lived across the Northern Hemisphere and not just in one country, it attracts visitors from all countries as shown in the adjoining map. However, an overwhelming  number of visitors are from just two countries - America and India - as a result most content is also directed at these two countries. As regards the last three posts on Soma it is interesting that they are a result of the combined ancient knowledge from India and modern one from America.


A new poem has been contributed by Vinod Khurana to this post just now
Soma plant

As a plant
I sprang up
on the earth
as He wished

Heaven and earth
are not much different
in his scheme of things
Soma the god serves human beings

I read the heart and mind
who come near me
and bless them in the measure
of their purity and humility

A noble soul I sense
it goes in search of me
for I have disappeared from earth
frustrated with human greed

The Divine guides his steps
where now I reluctantly stand
for he loves this soul
so pure and blessed

Soma raises its head
to meet him and befriend
and reestablish the bond
between god and men!

With warm regards

Note for scholars and researchers: The present note is an informal extract for the general reader from a more formal note that can be downloaded or read  free from:

UPDATE MAY 29. 2015;

Simplified Process for Preparing the Golden Drink

Until more research is done, you may wish to try the simplified process for preparing your first galss of the Soma drink described in a companion blog here,

Friday, May 22, 2015

In Search of Soma, god amongst plants - Cornus Sericea

NOTE: This blog post is an extract from a more formal note with some informal elaboration, from
Thou by thine insight art most wise, O Soma, strong by thine energies and all possessing, Mighty art thou by all thy powers and greatness, by glories art thou glorious, guide of mortals...,    Rig Veda 
The previous post described the god of plants, Soma that made humans who consumed its juice processed in a certain manner like immortal gods. Please do read that post to appreciate this one fully.  The god of plants was lost to mankind ever since ancient times.  It may be pointed out that even though Soma became extinct in ancient times in the Himalayas especially in areas where it was usually collected from, perhaps because of excess harvesting, it is likely to have continued up to present times in other parts of the world including North America, especially when its full medicinal use was not known to  natives.

Today with help of the internet a quick search is possible for many different plants that grow on the planet. This author searched widely on the net for a plant that might conform to the original descriptions of the Soma plant as described in the Indo-Aryan sacred book of  Rig-Veda. One plant that conformed in several ways was the dogwood plant Cornus Sericea. It grows in cool parts of North America, in the wild it grows in wetlands near lakes and water bodies, grows up to ten feet tall. It is multi-stemmed with many twigs that range from golden yellow to bright red according to season and variety but start from green. All this is in accord with the original descriptions of Soma in the ancient sacred text of Indo-Aryans, the  Rig Veda.. What is even more striking is that glucose, fructose, sucrose, and raffinose are the predominant soluble sugars present in both bark and wood tissues making the juices sweet if processed in the correct manner, with highest concentration of sugars in mid-winter just like with Soma according to the linked study. The bark and wood also have bitter components and it would depend on the process what the final taste of the extract is. What is more, varieties of this plant are sweetly scented just like Soma is described to be. Other related species of Cornus also need to be explored for similar properties. Earlier searches, even in ancient times, had gravitated towards intoxicating plants such as ephedra and magic mushrooms although the early texts had clearly described that Soma was neither hallucinatory nor intoxicating.

Also known as Red osier dogwood, it is a deciduous shrub with a rounded, spreading form. Opposite leaves with rounded bases are ovate to lance-shaped and dark green, turning a dull red, purple-red, or orange in autumn, that leave knot like marks just as described for Soma. There are several varieties of Cornus and of the available ones it is the Cornus Sericea that comes closest to descriptions of Soma. However this is not to say that there may have been other varieties in the past that were slightly different such as a hybrid with Cornus Sanguinea found more widely in the old world.

A thousand shining red stalks of Cornus Serecia just as the Rig Veda described for Soma

It seems the plant has been used by native tribes as a tonic and is a stimulant but not processed quite in the same way as Soma was for the plant to release its full effect. It would be interesting to find out what the effect would be it was processed similarly. It would involve crushing the bark and stems after wetting them with water, pressing out the juice, filtering through woolen felt, collecting in wooden jars and then adding milk to it. Cooking in the milk is also possible. The Rig Veda has stressed on this process repeatedly and it must be adhered to because the use of another such as alcoholic extracts is not likely to produce the desired effect. It may be mentioned that even cannabis is nothing much unless one uses the prescribed process for its consumption. Do note that not having tried it himself this author does not know if there are any risks or adverse reactions possible in this experiment, therefore please either do it at your own risk or preferably under the guidance and supervision of a qualified medical practitioner or another person experienced in the testing of new herbal formulations.

This is what Jennifer Heinzel, without relating her experience to Soma said at
“During our class on the day we harvested and learned about this plant, we took a small nibble of the fresh bark and overall this is what we felt: mellow, but very alert an clear headed, like taking a glass of wine without the fuzzy-feeling; also a numb, warm feeling at the base of my skull at in my 3rd eye region.”

What Jennifer describes is precisely the sort of effect Soma would have produced although the full effect would emerge only with the right variety and full processing as described. Considering all this plant is indeed a strong candidate for the lost Soma. There are several species of this plant and there may have been other Himalayan ones in the past with one of them being the mythical Soma. This plant definitely needs greater study.

The present note is the first one identifying Cornus Sericea with Soma. The author does not have immediate access to the plant for further study as described in this note but would appreciate anyone who does, would let him know through a comment in this post. It is best that this study be done in the public domain so that the plant remains legal and free for all rather than become the subject of patenting, greed, control and exploitation by big corporations as unfortunately has been done with some of the most useful plants such as cannabis medicinal for mankind in recent decades This author is not against profit motive when it comes to entertainment, luxury etc. but is strongly against it when it comes to human health, spirituality and things as basic as plants. No human has a right to patent anything basic to life in the authors opinion.

For more general information on this plant check out: 

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