Saturday, August 1, 2015

Keep it Clean Down Under

Clean from the Toilet

 Note: This post contains potty humor that some may find offensive. Take care :)
A friend from Australia mentioned that some call Australia down under because it is the A---  of the world. However, this note is about our bottoms, not geographical ones and how to keep them clean. Was wondering though that if some think of Australia that way, what they might think of New Zealand near to it especially if they have a dirty mind like mine :). Certainly it is proportionately sized and shaped if one considered someone hugely fat bottomed as some tend to be in this modern obese age. Recently there was a news item about someone suing an airlines for being injured due to one parked next to him on the seat of a flight.I worry about a friend, a well known BBC newsreader mentioned in the last paragraph of this note too, who is rather narrowly built and is a frequent flier. May the Lord keep him safe from such injuries caused by huge and boisterous bottoms on flights particularly because the Journey from UK to Australia is a long one and there is the famous Pacific turbulence on the way. The turbulence could create havoc..

Bottoms tend to get dirty every time we produce poop and while they wash thoroughly with water in many eastern countries, it seems they are still wiping with modern versions of leaves of the forests i.e. toilet paper in the West. I have often wondered what they did in winter back in the old days when there were no toilets and when it snowed so that there were no soft or even prickly leaves on the bushes. Conifers remain ever green but one would hardly recommend the pins and needles they have. They probably picked up a bit of snow as a wipe. Can imagine it must have frozen stiff, LOL

While a water wash may be cleaner, it takes practice and unless a Westerner can get an Eastern friend to show how it is done, it is difficult. Moreover, western toilets are not fully equipped and designed for it. Eastern one’s usually have a separate tap and mug at hand for the job.It must be recorded though that not only is the wet wash technique cleaner, it also helps the environment by saving on paper. However, if one becomes obese it can become difficult to stretch the hand enough to the right exit for the job while seated on the toilet, because in the wet wash method it must be reached from the front only so as to be able to cup the water in the left hand while pouring it from the right very near the location, and not from behind. I can imagine some readers trying imaginative acrobatics to explore what I have written here come morning :-)

Most certainly a dry wipe is not clean unless one is heading for a shower or bath right after and that does not happen every time. A new practice has now started of wet wipes that are much cleaner except that some of the wet wipes do not degrade as fast as the dry ones. They have been clogging up sewer lines in London especially around areas rich ladies live who prefer being squeaky clean, and that is not a pun. LOL  Seems because of a blocked line the stuff backed up in a basement toilet so that a user got buried neck deep in the stuff from around his neighborhood.

Personally having lived in both the East and the West, I have used both practices. Recently having got a little cut and bandage on my left index finger (on the hand used for wet washes) I returned to toilet paper. I devised my own method for a cleaner bottom though that is worth sharing with the world. Just get a box of soft Kleenex and keep it on a counter near the toilet paper. After a dry wipe, follow with a wet wipe with the folded Kleenex dipped in water. One could fold up the toilet paper in a wad to do the same but kleenex seems better. If the practice catches on may I suggest the company produce another brand in a better size that might be name Kleenax.  LOL

In case friends take up this practice may I suggest an anti bacterial wet wipe would be better. I do not mean to suggest that you burn your bottom with dettol or something but gentler mineral agents are available that when diluted sufficiently would do the trick. For example potassium permanganate or silver citrate in appropriate concentrations would likely help. Perhaps my scientific friends can research and come up with the right percentage in ppm and how to produce it for keeping at hand next to the Kleenax. Pity the bottoms that will suffer in the process though. Higher than necessary concentrations of potassium permanganate, brown the bottom and silver citrate blacken its. LOL would hate for my white friends to be asked if they have mixed ancestry perchance someone looked at their colored bottoms. Fortunately, even though the potassium permanganate solution is red it browns the skin rather then redden it or one might end up with the bottom of a monkey, LOL

A friend who is a business anchor on BBC, The world famous Aaron Heslehurst,  returns all browned up from a tan after a visit down under in Sydney every holidays and he need not worry though if the permanganate solution did some more browning.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Watch your Fingers for much evil may flow through them

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Nothing made by man comes anywhere near the beauty created by God. Men may only build a path through it, or a build a monument to honor it. If they build a monument to desecrate the beauty and goodness that emanates from God then a time shall surely come when they shall be crushed even as insects are crushed by the wind.

By nature humans are a mixture of good and evil. In their journey through life humans do both kinds of things. Differences arise because some do more of one than the other at different times.

Looking back at my own life, at this age of 65, it was so with me too. When I did good, its source was discerned to be an inner self, the true and essential part of life, a part of Universe and therefore there was hardly anything for me in person to be proud of except for the fact that at those moments of good one may draw satisfaction from the fact that one had not covered it with smoke and dust that arises from things like pride, lust, anger and greed, so that the light of goodness could shine forth.

Looking back at the bad and evil acts done by me through life, I discern the source of it as ignorance, foolishness, immaturity and desires that wished in excess of what fate and universe had deemed fit and proper as it does uniquely for each individual soul. It is only the stupid who look at another and say they have this or that good thing, so why can’t they without saying that another is dissolving in leprosy or sickness and thanking the Lord that it is not so with them. And there are times a desire becomes so strong that it is an obsession and in this state a human becomes oblivious of harm to oneself and those around him. Such obsessions may harm much unless they are for a social cause and not for self interest but that is rare such as with saintly persons like Gandhi.

As one goes through ups and down of life one encounters both good and bad times and how one reacts to these situations determines one's behavior. When times are good one tends to develop pride and become insensitive to the pain and suffering of others even those who are close and I too have suffered from this. When times are bad one may resort to solace in things like alcohol that I too have done for a phase in my life and that can produce more insensitivity and irresponsible behavior. While small amounts of light alcohol can help a human overcome deep sorrow of trauma and tragedy in life, stronger drinks and regular consumption can produce its own tragic consequences and I have experienced that if life too when at first a moderate consumption of alcohol began after a tragedy in the family in early nineties and then a phase of heavy drinking after more tragedies in 1999 and 2000 and it took as many as seven years before I could fully appreciate the damage that was being done and kick the habit. Over recent years good may have prevailed over evil in my life or at least that is the hope. Yet, as long as one is in a human body it is impossible to become purely good or purely bad.

Perhaps the lowest kind of evil that humans are capable of is physical violence because that is a left over of the animal past of humans. It is an animal and beastly thing not befitting a life form with the brain and sensitivity of a human. The only place it has some justification is when it is used in defense of one’s or a loved one’s life and sanity. That is why perhaps the Lord has left that tendency in humans but alas there are some that go beyond that purpose. It is like lust that has been granted for propagation of life yet humans as a rule f--- around far more than that.

While a human may not indulge in physical violence, there are other kinds that can in situations be even more damaging such as verbal violence. Words can hurt deeper than physical wounds and if it is better than physical violence, it is only so because while physical violence in a human displays a foul animal soul hiding in a human body, one who is verbally violent is foul as a human.

In the modern age, the use of digital communications has replaced much use of speech for many and here it is the clicking by fingers that may perpetuate violence that speech used to earlier. This author is guilty of it himself from time to time and while one may delete some digital content later, not all can be deleted and even the one that is deleted causes some damage if not a near perpetual one.

Therefore dear reader,

Watch your fingers, for much evil may flow from them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Hot Sandwich Dinner Tonight

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It is a long time since this blog focused on food. To make up here is a dinner idea that is simple to rig up in a hurry, is delicious and full of goodness. It consists of hot sandwiches that are fried, grilled or toasted.

For a fried sandwich fry slices of bread in butter, coconut oil or peanut oil until crisp and brown on both sides and add a filling, cut into triangles and serve two or four such triangles on a plate with a side dish of any one of cold Russian salad, Cole Slaw, steamed vegetables or even a tossed green salad. If you serve the dinner on plates you may wish to decorate it with some of iceberg lettuce leaves, sliced cucumbers, tomato slices or celery leaves etc. and a bit of tomato ketchup or mustard sauce on the side. For those who are watching their weight, toast instead of frying the bread then butter the insides lightly. The sandwich can be grilled too in a sandwich griller if you like.

If the filling is ham, sliced cold meats and cheese then they may be grilled along with the bread slices but for a fried sandwich heat the cold meat in a pan separately and fry the bread on both sides before preparing sandwiches. Some other more substantial fillings are

Tuna: Stir fry flaked cooked tuna with sliced onions and some spices to taste. Ground cumin, coriander, turmeric and paprika are great seasoning for stir frying

Sardines: Sardines from a can stir fried similarly with onions but stir and turn lightly so as not to make a mush of it. Never purchase sardine can with tomatoes in ( may harm) it but only those with oil.

Chicken: Shred steamed or left over roast chicken in small pieces and stir fry similarly as above

Paneer: Paneer is unprocessed cheese that does not melt. You may wish to search its recipes on the net. It can be prepared easily at home. Use this to replace fish or meat as mentioned above if one wishes a vegetarian meal

Chick Peas: Stir steamed or precooked chick peas similarly as above but avoid these for the entertaining described next because they may make one fart later and ruin the evening :) LOL

Eggs: A fried egg or an omelet may be used as a filling too but not when entertaining. That may look mean. However on such occasions one may slice hard boiled eggs with a ring cutter and use that to decorate a salad.

Because this dinner has carbohydrates, vegetables and protein it is a balanced and healthy one that can be prepared quickly. It is ideal for single persons who may not wish to fuss for long in the kitchen.


The same dinner idea can be used for entertaining guests too. Begin with some wine and light snacks before dinner, then serve a small bowl of soup followed by dinner. In this case do not prepare individual dinner plates but serve the fried sandwiches and side dishes in serving dishes on a table laid with a table cloth and a vase of flowers and candles in the middle in case romance is on the cards. If it is the latter then do use a stir fry with onions and sprinkle ground cloves as a seasoning for their mild aphrodisiac effect and do not use garlic in anything but sprinkle some rose water on the desert and in the after dinner tea. To make the dinner even more special you may have the sandwiches as open sandwiches set on a large flat serving dish. End with a desert, say ice cream and finally black tea and nuts on the sofa.

Life is Simple , Just three things to do

My god-grandson, age one and a quarter and godson on a walk on a  Himalayan road
There are over three hundred posts in this blog, many explaining how to make one’s life better but while they touch and elaborate on specific points, life is simple if one wishes it to be. There are just three simple things one can do daily, using just three simple tools, besides trusting, loving and thanking God, who gave us this life every moment of our lives. We need not do more. Leave the rest to our Father Universe and Mother Earth while thanking them for whatever they have done for us so far and continue to do with every breath.

Three things to do daily:

  1. To improve our selves by removing what we perceive as leading to pain and adding what appears to lead to long term joy. Just do a bit at a time so it is easy. The world ‘long term’ is most essential because a quick shot of joy can be found in a glass of whiskey but not term long term good.
  2. To do a bit to improve the world and lives of people, animals and plants around us beginning with things nearest or most accessible to you daily.
  3. To enjoy life, the sunshine, green, beauty and laughter and bountiful delicious food Mother Earth provides and Father Universe provide us every day

The Three tools

Use the three virtues of love, truth and simplicity in all that we set out to do and the blessings of Father Universe are sure to be with you through life. Your life shall unfold as it should, not like that of someone else because each person is unique in this universe and each has his own unique journey and what seem like difficulties shall be temporary and have opportunities for greater joy in their wake. Do not waste time comparing your journey with those of others, just get on with yours with a song of joy in your heart and the light of goodness in your eyes.


While this author has coolly broken down the task of life in three simple steps, there is the questioning mind that asks, why, especially as regards item 2 in the three things to do. Few argue with items 1 and 3. The reason for item 2 is that the Universe is not dead but intelligent, conscious and alive and it is because of that we too have consciousness and life. It is only the ignorant who thinks he created his own consciousness out of nothing, or his mama and papa did it for him. What mama and papa did was bring some bits of essential lifeless matter and blueprints they were trustees of, something that had been handed down over the millennia similarly. It was the Universe that breathed life and consciousness into it.

When we spend a part of our effort to improve the world accessible to us, we spend this effort in improving a part of the universe accessible to us. The universe then responds by helping us in whatever it is that we have to do. One may then achieve far more through this cooperation than by footing it out alone.

As regards the three tools of love, truth and simplicity, these are in fact natural qualities of the soul or our inner selves that is a part of the universal self and thus inherently infinitely powerful. We tend to lose this power from ignorance and desire and the smoke that rises out of it to hide and cover these qualities. This smoke manifests as greed, lust, anger, ego and fear in beings.

Best wishes of this blogger, may the Lord bless your life.