Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Soul of an Angel – A Rose for Billi

While a human may live from anywhere from zero to hundred some years after being born and animals for assorted periods as has been allocated to them by nature, it is heartbreaking when a human or animal passes away young without even growing up fully.

It is in little children when we see the consciousness of God most clearly charged with innocence, love, truth, humility and simplicity and it is only as they grow up other things such as pride, greed etc. take a foothold casting a shadow on their inner divine consciousness, except saints and angels who may manage to free it again even when they are old. Therefore, the soul of a small infant child is most like that of an angel even though, physically they remain young and not fully competent.

When a young soul that one loves passes away, one is saddened much, I have tried to reconcile this with my beliefs in an afterlife and rebirth and it would seem that young souls passing away in the most goodness of life are the ones most likely to have a heavenly and good after life and one must console oneself with the thought, even while praying for peace for the departed soul.

There are street cats in my neighborhood and few of them come in from time to time to ask me for a little food when they cannot find any elsewhere. A brown cat used to come quite frequently for that in the backyard and a couple of months ago she gave birth to two new brown kittens in a partially sheltered corner of the backyard. She guarded them fiercely and would not let them come near me until they were a few weeks old. After a month however she just disappeared. Perhaps she met with an accident somewhere or she would have surely come back. The young kittens howled for a day and then I started feeding them, twice a day and they resumed their life in the backyard. There are quite a few sheltered spaces for them to live there. I gave them names Billi and Tilli. Billi means Cat in Hindi and therefore these same names in English would be Cat and Tat. Billi was the friendlier and more loving of the two while Tilli tends to be a bit of a Rascal at times. Billi would come and sit by me every morning as I read the newspaper and had tea in the backyard while Till would watch from a distance.

A few days ago I shared their pictures on the net and on social media that I visit. Then three days back Billi suddenly became very sick. She had been losing weight some days prior to that too but was quite active then. I had resolved to feed her more nutritious things to fix that. Her sister (Or brother?) Tilli was however putting on weight. When Billi became sick, Tilli stayed by her side most times trying to pet her and nurse her and I too visited often, but she became weaker and weaker and in the last three days was not eating anything, whatever was offered to her until this morning she passed away. However, she was neither vomiting nor having a runny tummy, therefore what she had caught might be a feline viral infection of some sort. Today morning she passed away.

Before her demise she had moved back to the spot she was born in. perhaps she has gone back to her mother. Someone had mentioned that an evil eye may harm young lives when their pictures are shared. Perhaps it was so, but the time of death is in the same hands of the Lord that give birth and even if it was an evil eye it was an instrument of the Universe to bring about an end at the destined time, to go on and follow its own journey and karma thereafter.

Tilli pulled her out and I wrapped her in newspaper with some roses and scented flowers from the garden. I did not use cloth because that would take longer to dissolve when buried. She was later buried with full honors at a spot sheltered from any inadvertent footsteps over her unmarked grave. May her soul rest in peace and visit lovely places in the universe even as I read her last prayer. She certainly became famous with her picture in far away places around the world during her brief and sweet life. 
In my inner eye I imagine that she would be born as a human in her next life, animals that live with humans as pets often do, somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalayas. She would grow up to be a pretty girl, tall and slim with long, straight black hair, very catty, but with a good heart. I wish it will be like that. It would be the beginning of her journey in human lives.

Billi about a week ago

A dear friend Vinod who retired a few years ago as the equivalent of the senior mosr IRS officer of india contributed this lovely poem for Billi

Soul of Billi

No regrets whatsoever
I'm at peace
an angel by my side here
there an angel tended to me.
Life may be short but sweet
and so it has been to me
a royal burial to a cat
the world has never seen.
A soul only I'm now here
happy and free
and this I pray day and night
my angel there may rule the earth
and the earth be a heaven under his wings!

with love&regards

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hibiscus the Flower

Hibiscus is a flowering plant of the mallow family that has a number of varieties and grows in many colors with the red hibiscus being the hardiest and most common. The genus includes from small shrubs to small trees. The flower is the national flower of South Korea and Haiti.

The tea made of hibiscus flowers is known by many names in many countries around the world and is served both hot and cold. The beverage is well known for its color, tanginess and flavor. Dried hibiscus is edible, and it is often a delicacy in Mexico. It can also be candied and used as a garnish for desserts. The tea is a tonic and it seems lowers blood pressure. Hibiscus tea also contains bioflavonoids, which are believed to help prevent an increase in LDL cholesterol, which can increase the buildup of plaque in the arteries. However it seems the flower can have adverse effect in attempts at conception, pregnancy and also at the breast feeding stage. Thus it seems for women this flower may be best past the child-bearing age.

There is a beautiful shrub of hibiscus growing in my backyard and the pictures with this post are those snapped yesterday.

A large hibiscus shrub growing in the Author's backyard

Friday, August 28, 2015

Naked Truth of Politics - The Good and the Evil

In politics we have what is known as the right and the left, the conservatives and the liberals. Although they oppose each other much, the truth is that there are good and bad humans on both sides. And there are evil ones on both sides too, the evil ones on the left are those who fool the people to gather their support and then after grabbing all the wealth and power establish themselves in comfort while denying the people even basic freedoms of speech and movement as happened in many communist countries in the past. The evil amongst the right wing are those that live in comfort in mansions while denying even shelter to fellow humans that are homeless, even children, and those who profit from death. In countries where they have found the middle road such as those in Austria, Sweden and Denmark we find the happiest of countries on Earth, and much goodness stalks the land.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kittens in the Backyard - Billi and Tilli

Billi and Tilli the kittens, May the Lord keep them from harm

A brown cat from the neighborhood used to come in and ask for a little food from me at times. Two months ago she gave birth to two kittens in the backyard. She protected them fiercely in the first month and then one day she just disappeared never to return.Perhaps she shall come back one day and be happy to find her kittens in good shape, or perhaps her soul watches from heaven, may it rest in peace. The kittens howled for a day and then I started feeding them a little milk and a slice of bread, twice a day. they quite seem to love the bread but also catch other creatures of the garden now. Today morning I got up late and they had caught a bird for breakfast. The other birds in the garden were howling and I felt sad but guess these are the ways of the animal kingdom, and how can we blame cats for feasting on birds when even many humans who could manage otherwise also do.

I do not know much about cats so I do not let them in the house much, but there are some out houses and spaces where they live. I have given them an old soft gray trouser to sleep on and they just love it. They live in the backyard and have been given names, Billi and Tilli. Just took this picture of them. Billi has a black dot on the nose. I have made this post on them to add more about there antics with time and to preserve the picture of these new lovely inhabitants of the garden.

One day last week, I found that the cats had disappeared. I looked in all their usual hide outs but could not find them and thought they would return by evening. However, when they did not return even in the evening or next morning at their meal times, it got me really worried and left me with a feeling of loss. The soul of all life is connected and we suffer a loss when a part that is close to us is removed. I prayed for their safety. However later next day when I opened a door to a staircase that leads to the first floor, I found them both there, sitting in fear and very hungry. They were soon given a nice meal and sent to their bed room in the back yard.

What had happened is that there are two bed rooms on the first floor of my home that are used by children and guests when they visit. At other times, that wing of the home is kept locked by a door that separates it to minimize cleaning chores. Last week the TV suddenly stopped working one late night. I let it go then but next day I asked a driver, who visits whenever I have to go somewhere in the city because I do not drive myself anymore, to help bring down another TV set from an upstairs bedroom while the first one is sent for repairs. The driver has been with me for 15 years now and is almost a member of the family. In the process the doors of the home and upstairs had been opened. Unseen Tilly and Billy had sneaked upstairs. They are indeed very naughty now. There they had got locked in and then sensing they had done something wrong just hid there in fear.

Billi enjoying supper while Tilli peeps shyly from behind