Friday, October 2, 2015

Not a World Government but governance by world in parts is a necessity

Science fiction writers and some utopian philosophers have at times mentioned the idea of a world ruled by a single world government rather than governments of different countries. It is a horrible idea if not a very stupid one. At times governments become bad, dictatorial or even brutal and while there is an escape for humans presently with several countries in the world, in the case of a world government there would be none.

However, while a single world government is a horrible idea, the world does need badly, governance over parts by a world body, for limited periods, in order to rescue those parts from a terrible mess and ensuing suffering that is taking place in some countries. These are the failed states of the world where people have just not been able to get their act together on their own for various reasons. Present examples of such countries are Iraq, Syria and South Sudan. At times the chaos leads to an exodus of refugees as families flee for their lives leaving home and all behind and while they may be given refuge in other countries they may bring problems to countries that host them. They often do over the long run.  

There are countries that have such deep ethnic, tribal, religious or other sectarian divides that they just cannot function as modern democratic countries. They may under a very tough dictator as Iraq did once under Saddam Hussein or Libya under Gaddafi but not otherwise. The present attempts of the world have been to bring about reconciliation between warring parties and factions but even if that succeeds it blows apart the moment external pressure weakens as it must. It is not a solution except to kick the can down the road.

However, there is an easy solution, it is to impose foreign rule on the country for limited periods of five or ten years and work on restoring order in this period as well as imposing a constitution etc. but is a foreign rule possible? Why not ? The world has seen many examples of this in colonial period of earlier years. However while colonial rule was in the self interest of some countries such a rule has to be by the world as a whole, through their appointed representatives and administrators, just as in colonial rule and its purpose would be a humanitarian one not one of dominance by any one country, or even a block of aligned countries but by the world as a whole and not for economic interests. It may be through a reformed UN that is not dominated by the veto of a few countries.

The world is smart enough to develop the mechanics of this concept but if not they are welcome to consult this author for details. It is with such a concept in mind that this author had written a note to solve the problem of Syria and other countries that are leading to a huge refugee exodus presently, see:

At times ensuring sustainable peace may even require redrawing borders of some countries as described here:

It may be mentioned that it is not a luxury for countries presently in peace to watch this from a distance as a horror movie on TV, while shedding huge tears over some occasional disaster at home. These national situations of chaos have within them the seeds to blow into an apocalyptic event for all of humanity, as the one in Syria is already showing signs of leading to. The sweet children of our lovely Mother Earth need joy and play, not tears, suffering and dangers of a refugee escape.

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