Thursday, August 3, 2017

Change in Profile Name to Doctor Ashok Babaji

Sometime back at the suggestion of Spiritual mentors I had changed my profile name on blogger to Ashok Babaji from just Ashok. It is explained in an older post. However recently in a google search I found that others use that name too. Ashok is a common name and the use of reference Babaji frequent, therefore this is not surprising. It has created some confusion in the minds of some too. Therefore I added the title Doctor in full (rather than just Dr.) to the profile name to make it unique, an honor I earned after earning a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia decades back. Spiritual mentors gave an OK to go ahead.

All these titles do not or should not indicate any pride for just as a doctoral degree or a medical one is necessary to use the title Doctor, humility is a necessary one to use Babaji. May the Lord grant me this in full, even though many human weaknesses still continue to pursue me because,
Humility raises a person to the greatest of honors while pride precedes a fall