Physical Exercise and Modern Life

Around a hundred years ago, normal living involved far more physical exercise than modern living does. Walking was a normal part of the day and many of tasks one has to do to live such as washing clothes required far more labor. With the advent of technology and modern transportation, all this is no longer a part of lives of many humans. The result is obesity and an increase of diseases that were uncommon in an earlier era. Yesterday, I read a report in the daily newspaper that mentioned a large proportion of humanity is severely lacking physical exercise. It recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise spread over a week. From this I have derived my own personal recommendation of 15 minutes of moderate exercise followed by five minutes of vigorous exercise six days week. The moderate exercise would warm up the body for the vigorous exercise.

There are other things modern humans are missing as well, that are time spent in green surroundings and sunshine. Those who live in high-rise apartments miss this most. They must make a special effort to reach green areas and incorporate half an hour of walk five or six days a week in addition to the exercise mentioned in the first paragraph of this note that can be done indoors. Besides, a similar amount of time must be spent in sunshine either during the walk or at another time just sitting in the sunshine. There is an older note in this blog focused just on this latter issue.

The suggestions of this note concern average humans during their active adult life. Those with any special health issues may wish to consult a doctor before developing a program that is suited to their health and age. Through it all do remember the human body is fragile. Never strain it excessively. You may damage it. And, when you are sick, hurt or weak with age, it is not much activity and physical exercise that will help you but much rest will.

Those who have a home with a garden can replace some of the suggested green hours with gardening. A garden adds joy to the heart and it is something that changes over the years with new plants coming up and older ones dying away. The picture with this post is a recent one from my home garden that I work on alone except for getting monthly help for mowing the lawn and annual help for trimming the trees. Many more pictures of the garden at different times may be found in older post in this blog.

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