Thursday, March 27, 2014

Does Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II read this blog?

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second with Prince Philip on March 21, 2014

Although sometimes we do not realize this, every action of ours, howsoever insignificant causes some change in the world around us. It is a different matter if this change is one like a ripple that rises in the vast ocean and subsides after a brief lapse of time, leaving no visible change on the surface. There are other times when a ripple may grow into a storm that leaves a significant change to the landscape in its wake. Even the smallest ripple can lead to vast changes due to the quintessential butterfly effect. An example of such an event in recent history was a relatively insignificant slap given by an official to a humble street vendor in a remote corner of Tunisia some years ago. It grew into the Arab Spring, protest and occupy movements in many countries and wars that are still shaking the world as in Syria.

A well intentioned person must hope at all times that his or her actions add joy to the world or cause a change so as to make the world a better place. That has been the prime inspiration that has kept this blogger going for years in this blog, although diversions in a lighter or humorous vein are made from time to time, so that Jack does not become a dull boy, as the saying goes.

When one writes in a blog, it can be read by anyone, anywhere, in the world and at times that too may cause changes in the lives of some. A blogger may learn if a blog is being read or not by looking at the back ground statistics associated with the blog post in case the blogging service provides that. Blogger does a great job of it. Of the several blogs this blogger writes, some are rarely read whereas others such as this one are read frequently across the world as the adjoining map shows.

When a blog post causes a change in the lives of ordinary everyday persons like you or me, the world at large shall not notice. If a blog post causes a change in a national policy then one may learn about it through the media as perhaps a much earlier post on economic policy (The Rule of Ten) in this blog did. Yet another now deleted post appears to have led to a referendum in the Falkland and one to quantitative easing in Japan ( see here) Yet another has led to a new form of yoga called Entropy Yoga. There are also times when a blog post brings about a change in the life of a very influential and significant person in the world and one finds evidence linking it to something that was posted through the media. It is unlikely that one would learn about it directly from that person concerned, as one does at times when a reader leaves a comment, because discretion is the better part of valor and silence an unavoidable repertoire of public personalities. One such post may have brought about a change in the life of someone I consider as the most significant person in the world, even more significant than the president of USA, because while they change frequently she does not. You may have guessed who I am referring to – Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II 

Some weeks back, in a lighter vein, this blog, while describing a new simple astrology based system for selecting dress colors of individuals, published candidly the suggested color of inner wear for President Obama. It is would not be surprising if the President’s attention was perhaps drawn to this post briefly for his amusement because public personalities have media managers and media scavengers who frequently scan the web for connected reports about that personality and draw the attention of the person to some reports that may be of concern, information, interest or amusement. But, if President Obama acted on the report, neither this blogger nor his media managers would ever learn about it for sure and the only person who might is not likely to speak about it. On a more serious side, the same note went on to publish the suggested effective dress colors for some famous personalities that included the Queen. Did the Queen or her dress designer read the note? Recently this blogger noticed that in some pictures in the media, her Majesty dressed in the exact same color. It is a rather vivid color and the dear old Queen looked rather self conscious in the dress at an unguarded moment. Her Majesty has hardly been used to such a vivid shade of pink.If this blogger was consulted he may have suggested a hat in off-white color with just a thin lining of that color to offset the vividness  But perhaps a two color scheme would have made the dress more suitable as a morning attire rather than a more formal evening one  and when Her Majesty makes a public appearance, it is to for effect and to assert her royalty that goes back to the empire in ancient Rome and also earlier. The Queen has the finest of dress designers at her command, the leading one being Stewart Parvin currently.  It is they who may have read this blog post or directly the book itself from which the blog post was derived. But surely they could not have proceeded without her Majesty's approval or even from the stock of dress material, collected over the years by her Majesty. Several of Her Majesty's photo’s in this dress can be seen at:

Royal Elizabeth Pink
May her Majesty's reign be long and blessed It may be pointed out that some color distortion takes place in image processing and transmission. Therefore the RGB values are required for an exact reproduction as stated for the Royal Elizabeth Pink (new color definition) in the adjoining image

This author too got a shirt for himself based on the system and a picture of that is here 

Update November 2015

A recent beautiful photo of her Majesty the Queen on Wikipedia also appears in a very pleasant rendering of the shade described here  as Royal Elizabeth Pink The golden orange feathers on the hat, button edges and the silver white of adornments perfectly balance and harmonize the shade which the earlier example did not have the advantage of.

This file is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL v.3).

Monday, March 24, 2014

A daily prayer in verse

Blue flowers the Lord gave to  my garden
Dear Lord, please we ask of You
Every breath is thanks to You
You give without having to ask
Trees so green, sweet sun to bask
Song of birds, sweet water to drink
A sleep so sweet, that comes in a blink
Please forgive faults and wrongs we do
Grant right thinking, the right things to do

Fools say, tis selfish, this faith to cling
Ha,  sans belief  there is no peace
Peace and  happiness two sides of a thing
Love, truth and Simplicity
Sans that life full of lies and sleaze
Check this out with anyone you please.  
Happiness not just greatest of health
Tis also the greatest of wealth
Material wealth with undue increase
Misery accompanied by sigh of breath
Check this out from birth to death 

Forever remains the everlasting soul
What has gone must again be born
What is born must one day go
Dear Lord today I ask of You
A pillow to rest, a roof for the head 
Even as for animals You do
Please grant a piece of bread
Accompanied with tasty bits too 
Red flowers the Lord gave to my garden

This I pray deep from the heart
When it comes, time to depart
Whatever left behind was mostly vain 
Baggage we take, our final gain
Journey from life to life in the main
May it be easy from end to start
 free from  strife, free from pain
Dear Lord, please I ask of You
Every breath is thanks to You

Perhaps when we feel that the Lord is not doing enough for us at times, it may be a message and teaching from Him, our heavenly father, that perhaps we are doing the same with our own human children, just as the ravages of climate extremes is a message that we have failed to nurture the planet with life giving trees and care but rather just cut them down for our needs and overloading it with more than necessary coverings of choking concrete and cement, while introducing dangerous forms of nuclear energy and man-made chemical poisons to satisfy our greed.

 As for example, perhaps the powerful of the world are not doing enough for the children of an entire nation, Syria, at this very time. Perhaps political considerations are more important to some because it is not that simple solutions within reasonable efforts of  powerful leaders are not available to the world instead of diversionary time wasting arguments and talk. While they debate how millions of refugees should be cared for and who should take how many, all they really need to do is take one man, grant him asylum in a distant country with access to his foreign held funds,  so that the millions may return to their homes.  Why no action? Is it because then less arms would be sold? A solution was mentioned by this blogger in a different blog, here: 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How the Internet is making the World more Beautiful

Red flowers in the author's garden
While there is a good and bad side to just about everything in the universe with the exceptions of God and the Devil, there are things that add more evil than good and others that contribute more good than evil and ugliness to the world. Internet is one human invention that is already helping to eradicate evil from the world and would continue to do so over the next several decades and centuries.

Why is that? The simple answer to that is – evil prospers in the dark, when information is suppressed and lies and false argument such as those put out by private banks with profiteering managements can be maintained whereas truth is bright and prevails as information flows freely. The several million dollar salary of rich bankers is to prevent loss of talent and the politicians can do nothing about it except make polite noises about the stench which does not vanish even with a forty thousand dollar commode on wall street?( read about that commode here) However, one must accept one's own responsibility for the state of affairs. We elected them after all.

Since when did a greedy pig like being with the head and bottom of a human become talented, and if a political ruler is unable or unwilling to limit the size of a bank that is too big to fail or to limit the salary of an executive that is too big to swallow, would the people have to elect the fairy godmother to rule over them instead?

Just as a hungry man saying some food is bad makes more sense than a man stuffed with food saying so; it makes more sense if a poor person says taxing the rich is bad than a man stuffed with wealth. The tragedy with persons who lie or argue with a vested interest is, they do it so often that they start believing in the lie for as long as the Lord keeps them in the long waiting line to the bottomless pit.

There has been no greater tool than the Internet in helping to make information available freely to just about anyone. It is true that humans enjoying privileges do not easily give those up and when they also have power at their command they will naturally fight the loss of privilege, even if it is an evil and unjust one. Thus it is not surprising if some countries attempt to ban parts of the internet or even in the most extreme case the entire internet access from the public, something that can happen only in the most extreme form of dictatorship in the world. In fact the extent to which internet access is curbed in different countries of the world or the truth-sayers hounded is an extent of the measure of its lack of democracy despite what it might portray or claim in public and conversely also the extent of the poverty and/or distress of its masses even though the wealth of rich exploiters and dictators may be immense in such countries with widespread poverty.

Thus whereas religion has not succeeded in freeing the world of evil because religious leaders themselves became corrupt and whereas neither communism nor capitalism has been able to free the world from the yoke of the exploiting one percent ( which in reality is one percent of one percent of one percent) a change may come about merely through the medium of the internet. A change that will not come in a day or a year or even decades but bit by evil shall be exposed and then banished making the planet more just and beautiful.

PS: A simple proposal for limiting high executive compensations in any organisation anywhere in the world was described earlier by the author here 

UPDATE APRIL 6: It appears that the recent ban on twitter imposed in Turkey has been lifted. Hope this article helped.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Selfie in a New Shirt Color

A Selfie in the Mirror

Some posts ago there was a post on dress colors and how a book described a method to select a lucky personal color based on astrology and numerology. Personally I do not have much belief in these sciences but do believe that some of its basis is based in time tested heuristics.  I found my shirt color from the book. Having worn a white shirt most of my working life it was a change to get into another color as shown in a picture of me in the mirror this morning. I have posted the photo on Facebook too and friends there have liked it. However the book recommends this color for weekends only or as a tie color on other days on a white shirt.


PM Justin Trudeau welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada,

This author is delighted that Justin Trudeau has become the new Prime Minister of Canada. He is a good human being and the world needs more good human beings as leaders of influential countries to save the world from many wars and refugees as happening now. The author looked up the CAANS color for Justin Trudeau, a fortunate color for a tie on a white shirt or for the whole shirt for more informal times when there is no tie. He is wearing nearly the same color in the picture. Successful persons know from their own experience and judgement what is the best color for them. Following are simply the more precise specifications, the RGB are values are quoted for precise reproduction since some colr distortion takes place in handling images on a computer:

A Tie color for Justin Trudeau

The book is – How to choose dress colors for love and success – The CAANS System- and its electronic version can be downloaded free for the next two or three days from various Amazon websites around the world ( for example here). It has some bad reviews by customers but ignore these. Often things that disturbs prevalent beliefs even if erroneous produce similar reactions e.g. when the world was told the earth is not flat, they screamed. What matters is the proof that it works and the proof lies in many successful world leaders and personalities that conform to this system.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Focus on Beauty

While it becomes necessary to focus on some of the wrong that may be taking place in our world in areas crucial to human life with humble suggestions on how the wrong and the ensuing suffering it causes may be mitigated, as this blog has done from time to time, necessary because unless that is done a similar suffering may one day engulf us too, it is even more necessary to focus on whatever is beautiful and lovely on our planet because it is only from here that we can draw our strength. Focusing on the ugly side of human doings can only dissipate us. If not in human doings, one would find the beautiful side of our planet easily in nature, in open countryside, forests, mountains, mountain streams and lakes. Having focused my attention on the not so pretty side of human doings in this blog lately, I feel somewhat dissipated, for it is difficult for a human to remain detached and fully dispassionate in whatever one focuses on. The time has come to return a gaze to nature, its beauty and the strength it provides. Beauty is a facet of the Infinite Lord that created our universe and beauty is reflected in human doings too whenever such doings are charged with love, truth and simplicity. Today morning when I went to fetch the newspaper at the gate, white poppy flowers had come to bloom along with the red.
Red and White Poppy Flowers.

A comment on facebook for a fellow blogger and friend about these flowers:-

"Keiko Amano, several days ago when you mentioned the yellow poppy of California, you might recall I had commented that my favorite were red and white and today that is what appeared in the garden on their own. They were not planted by me. It is an example of how Nature obliges at all times to meet our most essential needs and most simple joys while saving us from evil that we may desire but is unnecessary and  not conducive to our long term well being. Many a times, the problem lies within us rather than elsewhere - that we seek what is not available but when we are contented with whatever there is available easily, one finds much happiness."

"When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know"
John Keats

Some Dangers of Modern Medicine

White roses in bloom in the author's garden

"The person who has not suffered illness has yet to be born. Only after death does illness cease. We must suffer both mental and physical pain and illness in this life."
Buddha said that we should see a doctor for physical illness, but mental illness should be treated with  dharma or right living.

In the considered and educated life long experience and study of this author, an experience that some other impartial medical authorities agree with, modern medicine has a number of excellent medicines both for internal use and external applications for a variety of ailments of the human body ranging from medicines for eyes, ear, nose, skin to antibiotics and some common pain killers such as aspirin, but when it comes to ailments to do with the human mind and emotions, the available medicines seem not just to be less than desirable but more than horrible with some being extremely dangerous and gruesome such as those that cause seizures when stopped.

In the days when the Buddha walked the earth their existed mind altering herbal agents like Dhatura that could make a person go crazy at least temporarily. In modern times man has invented chemical substances too that can do this job with far greater ease and make a person go haywire perhaps permanently, some that are passed on as a cure for profit but in fact do far more harm than good that time and a change would have done in any case. One can guess with ease what the Buddha would have said if he learned that when such mental illness or distress strikes some modern humans, that according to him strikes all at some point or other in their lives, such humans instead of right living and giving time, take a drug for relief that impairs and disables them, perhaps permanently for life, soon after. In an old post in this blog, there was a story of a sweet and brilliant girl  (here) known to this author (relationship and details withheld) who underwent a traumatic experience in her early twenties. Her concerned mother admitted her in a psychiatric facility for over a month where a drug regime was prescribed for her. Since then this lady has led a more or less impaired life for over a decade.

This author lives in a different city and has lost contact with this family over the last ten years. Recently however he received news from her sister, herself a medical practitioner that her sister’s condition has deteriorated further. Needless to say this lady in her thirties now, has been unable to marry, work or even look after herself properly.

The sister mentioned that the patient in question suffers from a genetic psychiatric defect and would need treatment forever just to be manageable. My own view differs on the matter on two counts. First, looking back into the ancestral history of this girl to which the author has access, there has been no case of such a psychiatric genetic defect on either side of the family for several generations. To be sure some of the ancestors were not the best behaved persons within the family as many humans are not, but none needed psychiatric attention and most did very well in life. Secondly this girl herself was a brilliant student in high school who went on to complete a degree in engineering that she completed in her early twenties. Therefore, it is obvious that she was not suffering from any debilitating psychiatric condition at least until the age of around twenty.

Therefore rather than a genetic or psychiatric impairment what appears to have happened is that this girl suffered a traumatic experience at around twenty and that this trauma was mishandled by her so called psychiatric treatment. The trauma was that she was left in the care of uncaring and brutally dominant relatives who spoke to her in hostile words and restricted her freedoms severely such as taking away all her money and not permitting her to access internet or emails even, this when she was not a child but someone past twenty and an engineering graduate. When taken back by her mother, she broke into fits of crying and that is when her mother took her to the psychiatric facility. Since then she has become impaired and her drugs continue.

Although not a medical practitioner, this author is highly educated professional and can see through professional neglect if evident even of professionals from other professions. His suspicion that there was mishandling of treatment began from the casual statements of the doctor who had prescribed her drug regime when this author managed to communicate with him on phone and email around a decade ago. When asked why she needed all those drugs she was consuming and how he ascertained that the girl needed them, his response was casual. He said the girl does not take a bath regularly and that she does not work even though she is an engineering graduate. But then this girl never had a chance to work because of the experience described earlier, her admittance to the facility soon after graduation etc. and the fact that she did not bathe regularly was soon after her traumatic experience. Her hot water geyser was  not functioning and soon after it was restored by this author's intervention she began regular baths. On further questioning the doctor quickly cancelled her anti depressants and some other medicines. The girl immediately bounced back and joined a job. But her mother remained insecure and continued to take her to numerous psychiatrists around Delhi, who prescribed even more medicines and with time her condition has become worse and worse as treatment has become more and more over the last ten years.

A repeated round from one doctor to another around Delhi permitted a portfolio and history of an illness to be built up that in reality existed partly in imagination, and partly in the after effects of the medicines consumed earlier, and this was placed in front of every new doctor  visited prompoting new prescriptions. On one occasion, early in the episode when the girl visited a competent and honest doctor with a family friend, one Mr. R. J., the doctor said she was perfectly fine and needed absolutely no treatment, the guardian learned of it later and quarreled with this family friend. The reason why honesty was mentioned is because without that a practitioner would not be able to overcome the greed of fees paid and admit that a person is not in need of treatment.
Therefore the personal yet carefully deliberated conclusion of this author is that this girl has neither any genetic defect nor a one developed later in life but all of her woes are related to the effects of the drugs she is taking. A doctor with a vested interest may have proposed a genetic explanation to justify long term treatment and disability. This author has the best interests of this lady at heart and would not arrive at this conclusion lightly or for any biased motive. Many humans undergo a traumatic experience in life and the majority overcomes the trauma with just plain old love and time or just a drink or two or perhaps a sleeping medicine in the worst of cases.

Here are some comments of some highly knowledgeable persons in this direction who have spent a lifetime on the issue. Many more can be found through google search

Dr. Breggin a Harvard-trained psychiatrist is the author of the medical book, Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry (2008). Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD, has been called "The Conscience of Psychiatry" for his many decades of successful efforts to reform the mental health field. His scientific and educational work has provided a foundation for modern criticism of psychiatric drugs. It leads the way in promoting more caring and more effective therapies. . Dr. Peter Breggin provides insights into why so many people take psychiatric drugs when the drugs are doing more harm than good. According to him;
“Often people taking psychiatric drugs claim to feel better than ever when in reality their mental life and behavior is impaired. In the extreme, medication spellbinding leads otherwise well-functioning and ethical individuals to commit criminal acts, violence or suicide.”
To quote the conclusion of two books of a health science writer named Robert Whitaker:
“Tens of millions of unsuspecting Americans have become mired deeply, to the point of permanent disability, in the American mental “health” system.---- Many of these innocents have actually been made “crazy” and often disabled by the use of – or the withdrawal from – these commonly prescribed, brain-altering and, for many, brain-damaging psychiatric drugs that have been, for many decades, cavalierly handed out like candy---Trusting and unaware patients have been treated with potentially dangerous drugs by equally unaware but well-intentioned physicians who have been likewise trusting of the slick and obscenely profitable psycho pharmaceutical drug companies.”
The tragedy is that the world follows America in many things and this malaise is no loner restricted to America but has spread across the world.
True that there are cases of human behavior that pose a grave physical risk to the person concerned or others in society if left untreated and in such cases the risks of a medical intervention may be less than no intervention at all. However there are very many other cases of improper and unpleasant behavior or a temporary episode of trauma or extreme stress, fear, tragedy etc. that not just millions and billions of humans  have undergone since the beginning of civilization but in fact nearly all go through at some point in their lives such as the loss of a near and dear one, for which time and environment is the biggest of healers. Risking  or causing a permanent disability and worse is deplorable and shocking. This author learned of a case where there was daily quarreling between a parent and child along with some physical pushing and scratching etc. where such intervention was considered but instead the problem vanished the moment the two members began to live away from each other.
To return to the lady in question the relevant question to consider is if her normal life is finished or is there some hope still left and if so what steps might be required to help. It  may not be possible that she can be taken to Peter R. Breggin, MD in New York but perhaps some other similarly minded practitioner can be located near where she lives, who may be provided a copy of this blog post too. As mentioned this author is not a medical practitioner and cannot offer definitive suggestions. However a few general ones will surely help and may be the first steps of returning this lady to life and living,
  1. Presently this girl lives alone in a balacony-less first floor compact apartment in a crowded section of Delhi. Since she does not work, does not have a car and because it is unsafe for girlas to venture out alone in Delhi, this lady hardly ever ventures out. Her younger life was spent in a greener more open home in a northern town of India. The family still owns that home. The first step should be a return to it for two reasons. First a change is  good and secondly a change to open greener surroundings and sunshine a blessing and aid to any medical patient, psychiatric or otherwise. Not changing one's living environment causes a patient to persist with routines associated with the condition and therefore the condition itself. It may also be mentioned that persons who have remained confined for long years in similar confined spaces, in near isolation, such as compact apartments or prison cells often become unbalanced even though they were perfectly fine to begin with.
  1. A doctor must be located who is conversant with the dangers of some of  modern psychiatric medicines and who can gradually wean this lady away from them.
  1. Natural medicines as suggested by this blogger in a recent post may be examined if felt necessary during this process or recovery. See the following:
Aside from this, this author can only draw the attention of her sister to this post and pray for her, for in the end none is mightier than the Lord. May the Lord bless her.

Serious FAQS to lighten up a serious matter

Q.  It is easy to talk of others but what would you do, if you  had got trapped in a similar situation?
Ans. I would not, get trapped in such a situation. There have been cases of illness in my life where I have depended on direct wisdom from the lord rather than a doctor.
Q. Would you never visit a doctor, even in serious and urgent need?
Ans: I may, but only if it was a physical illness or emergency, but never for a psychiatric or psychological one most definitely. I believe like the Buddhists that these latter are to be cured by right living.
Q. Just for the sake of argument, let us say you did get trapped into a so called modern psychiatric drug regime for several years and then realized suddenly that they had done more harm for you than good. What would you do at that point based on your experience. Would you give up the drugs and go to a practitioner of alternative medicines?
Ans: I would most certainly not go for alternative medicine because many of these are also on shaky ground in the modern world. It is a hypothetical situation but since you ask this is what I would do instead. 
  1. I would remove myself from any non-compatible, argumentative, or hostile human interaction as a first step without giving up on my drugs and arrange for a caring attendant.
  2. Next I would change my living area if it was not an open green one with sunshine and green even if it meant shifting to a farm for three weeks still without giving up my drugs.
  3. I would learn how to make or get a traditional drink of the cannabis plant called bhang ghota (a drink of cannabis extracted in milk) from a person with expertise in its formulation. Modern versions of the drink add spices to it that I would skip except for almonds that are ground together with cannabis.
  4. I would cut down my drugs in exactly three weeks, ¾ dosages in the first week, half in the second, a quarter in the third and zero after that
  5. I would continue to stay in my new environment for at least three months and if a problem arose I would consume bhang ghota. After that I might return to my previous living but definitely not the previous human company that had caused the problem
Update: Recipe of Bhang Ghota now included here:
Q: What if you became an addict of the Bhang Ghota?
Ans: I would rather have that than lose my mind or life. In any case whenever life became good I should try and give that up by going cold turkey. Such addictions do not cause seizures etc. if given up suddenly
Q. But I thought that drink is illegal. Would you break the law?
Ans;  No I would not break the law. As far as I know it is permitted in my knowledge to adherents of a religious sect here as well as certain parts of India. I would even join that sect if necessary.
Q. What if you were not able to give up the addiction?
Ans; I shall have a strong drink of the bhang ghota, sing and dance and praise the Lord. 

UPDATE JUNE 29, 2015: Good News: With new just received, it seems the lady in question in this story followed up on the suggestions of this note, with slight modifications to suit her circumstances, has recovered fully enough to do well in an entrance exam for postgraduate studies, secured admission with scholarship to pursue a masters degree in an excellent modern university near New Delhi in quieter greener suburban region. Her new masters program is to begin a few days and the best wishes of this bloggers and many of its readers are with her as they are with others around the world facing similar issues. This lady may have lost 10-12 years of her life but it may not be regarded as a loss since all life is an experience and most important is not what happened in the past but the now and what hope there is for the future. Do share this post with others you know and in similar need.


The lady in the story completed her Masters program with brillant performance. She also made a large number of new friends and has returned to life fully and joyously. May the Lord Bless her

Jai Bhole Nath ki

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Good and the Wicked

Just as the variety of trees and wild flowers on our planet is immense, so is the variety of life and types of humans that live on it. While most trees and wild flowers of the forest are pretty, there are also some that are ugly. While most humans are inherently good, there are also some who are wicked.

When one talks of good and wicked humans, one does not mean those who are superficially or visibly good or wicked but here the mention is of those who are  really, truly and deeply so.

Thus, whereas one rapidly thinks of a thief or a robber as wicked, more often that is a case of a desperate or stupid person, one who has adopted illegal means and when one talks of a good person, it is not those who are recognized as philanthropists, who more likely are just persons who are too clever by half, employing a ruse to win respect in society with pretense, hypocrisy and show; or worse have found a clever way to make a living by exploiting the goodness of others. It is for this reason that saints including Jesus Christ have said " When you do an act of charity do not even let your left hand know what the right is doing." Rather, a good person is one who goes about doing little acts of kindness in the normal course of life and living and who does not make a show of it thinking of it as no big deal worth advertising. The wicked person is not one who is not just unkind to any stranger but even with their own such as parents or children whom most humans love just as a matter of course.

While most parents go to great length to make great sacrifices for their children simply out of love and the sheer joy of such a previlidge, there are also a few who not only consider it a burden to bring them up but even torture them physically or psychologically, driving them to the shrink. There are cases of parents who hate their very own children to the extent that they actually and effectively bring harm to them intentionally. These are the truly wicked. Such cases appear as stories in the media from time to time because they are so unusual and rare. On the other hand while most children love their parents there are also some that abuse and torture them.

There is the case of an 18 year US girl currently doing the rounds in American media who is suing her parents so that she can lead her life on her own terms rather than in the manner in which they approve. True, every adult has a right to live his or her life in a manner of their choosing, but one cannot force another to pay for that choice, even if they are one’s parents. As one would expect the girl got a sound drubbing from the court she dragged her parents to. These are some of the foolish or wicked of the planet.

Thus, whereas it is not the thief who steals a car or grabs it by deceit who is truly wicked but one who after stealing it, blackmails the owner for its maintenance reasoning that after all, it is his car and he should pay for it. Some analogous things happen when for example a tenant grabs someone's property and continues to compel the owner for maintenance or when a married woman runs away with a lover taking along with her the man's property and children and later sues for more money for keeping the children whom the father had not wished to yield in the first place.

In all of this being discussed, the question arises as to why some humans are wicked and why most good? Most humans are good because it feels good to do the right thing and indulge in loving acts. It is a part of the inherent make up of life. But along with their goodness, humans also suffer from things like lust, greed and anger and it is these latter when, they becomes excessive, any of them, that their connection with their inherently good inner self is severed. Such emotions cover right reasoning jut as smoke may cover a mirror. They then begin resorting to wickedness, not just with the wide world but even their very own. As one would expect, they make every attempt to cover their wickedness with lies and superficially correct sounding yet false arguments. As one would expect, their painfully built false arguments collapse at the slightest whiff of truth. Whereas truth stands on a foundation of facts, lies stand on thin air. The latter is blown away with the weakest of whiffs of truth. Those who are just barely seeped in wickedness then feel ashamed and hide their faces and relent while those who are deep into it remain unrepentant and show their anger at being exposed. They go elsewhere to continue indulging in their wickedness unless thrown into the locker.

When caretakers of valuable property begin to bring harm to that property, or spend too much time at the casino, brothel or bar so that others can harm it, the master has to step in and reprimand such caretakers. If that does not suffice the master is compelled to banish them. The Lord in His wisdom has placed in all of our hearts, our consciousness that keeps us from harm and a mind in our heads that interprets feelings of guilt or goodness. However, when such caretakers spend too much time at the brothels of Lust, Greed and Anger, the Lord does step in, initially reprimanding by causing anguish and suffering; and if that does not suffice, by banishing such souls into the bottomless pit, the dark black hole at the center of every galaxy that devours all and from which nothing can escape, neither light nor soul.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Good and Bad of Alcohol and Cannabis


As life goes through ups and downs, a human may suffer severe trauma or stress at some point in his or her life. There was a traditional way, that one took a drink of alcohol or some sleepy stuff and got over it in time. Some as a result became alcoholic but when they were weaned away from it, they did not suffer seizures. Some of the chemical medicines that humans have invented appear to be far more dangerous than natural herbal ones that the Lord made. Alcohol simply emerges as a result of natural fermentation from natural sugars and cannabis grows in the fields.

While misuse of any intoxicants such as cannabis and alcohol is dangerous, the experience of mankind over the last century has shown that making it illegal is even more so. Then it becomes a profitable crime industry and criminals promote its use even by criminal methods. There is a need to review the associated laws with urgency and treat any problems that arise at a social and educational level as mankind did for centuries.

Chemical medicines are produced by man instead of nature through industrial or laboratory processes. Some times the starting point is a natural product such as opium. The derivatives of opium are far more dangerous  than the natural stuff itself and perhaps if King Solomon knew of it he might have said, “Give opium to one in severe pain bent under the burdens of a difficult life but give its derivatives to a person you wish to destroy.”

Modern medicine uses the justification that by extracting an active ingredient they can control the dosage. However, there are other ways of assessing the active content of a natural substance and thereby specifying its dosage without having to extract, somewhat in a manner similar to certifying the alcohol content of different wines without the need to distill. But come to think of it the humble opium and cannabis plants can not fund the luncheon, junkets and conference holidays of docs as the industry that markets the derivatives can! The same is true of Cannabis derivatives and countries considering legalizing this herb again must distinguish between cannabis and its active derivatives, produced perhaps out of greed of the manufacturer, and include that in the legislation, but then we have democratic governments that get funded by and look after industrial interests.

Comparison of Alcohol and Cannabis

While both natural alcoholic drinks and cannabis have been used by mankind since ancient times to relieve stress, depression etc. cannabis drinks prepared properly are a much safer alternative because,

1. Alcohol causes addiction but cannabis does not seem to
2. Excess alcohol causes more health damage than excess cannabis
3. Alcohol causes road deaths but cannabis does not seem to. Although alcohol in moderation energizes a human as compared to cannabis, that physical energy is not of much use since one loses full and accurate control of the body, and can cause accidents more often than useful physical action.
4. It seems excess use of cannabis may cause some memory impairment where excess use of alcohol may cause a very dangerous psychosis
5. Alcohol prompts crime in those with some criminal tendency (that includes most humans)whereas cannabis does not seem to
6. Alcohol prompts violence whereas cannabis seems to prompt peace
7. Combined with spiritual meditation, cannabis is an aid to concentration, reflection and spiritual evolution but alcohol usually leads to lack of concentration, loss of focus and moral degeneration

Considering the points above, societies that wish to control the use of intoxicating substances should place much severer controls on use of alcohol as compared to cannabis provided one agrees with what is stated here. In case you do not agree, please comment to this post so that this blogger may study the matter further and revise his conclusions if necessary, but if you agree with them but still recommend and uphold stricter controls on cannabis then all that can be said  would be too rude to say here.

Medicinal use of Cannabis/Marijuana

In the considered and educated life long experience and study of this author, an experience that some other impartial medical authorities agree with, modern medicine has a number of excellent medicines both for internal use and external applications for a variety of ailments of the human body ranging from medicines for eyes, air, skin to antibiotics and some common pain killers such as aspirin, but when it comes to ailments to do with the human mind or emotions, the available medicines seem not just to be less than desirable but more than horrible with some being extremely dangerous and gruesome such as those that cause seizures when stopped. This is what Dr. Breggin a Harvard-trained psychiatrist says in his book on psychiatry,

“Often people taking psychiatric drugs claim to feel better than ever when in reality their mental life and behavior is impaired. In the extreme, medication spellbinding leads otherwise well-functioning and ethical individuals to commit criminal acts, violence or suicide.”

To quote the conclusion of two books of a health science writer named Robert Whitaker:

“Tens of millions of unsuspecting (persons) have become mired deeply, to the point of permanent disability, in the (modern) mental “health” system.---- Many of these innocents have actually been made “crazy” and often disabled by the use of – or the withdrawal from – these commonly prescribed, brain-altering and, for many, brain-damaging psychiatric drugs that have been, for many decades, cavalierly handed out like candy---Trusting and unaware patients have been treated with potentially dangerous drugs by equally unaware but well-intentioned physicians who have been likewise trusting of the slick and obscenely profitable psycho pharmaceutical drug companies.”

Recently, a discussion involved a friendly disagreement with a medical practitioner regarding the treatment of a patient who has been on certain psychiatric drugs for several years now and as one would expect is not leading a full life as a result of it. The drug prescription had started when the patient in question suffered a traumatic experience in her life at a young age around twenty. There is a much more detailed post on that in this blog. This one is focused on cannabis and such other natural products that have helped relieve human distress for thousands of year, that is until the modern drug industry fueled by greed arrived on the scene.

The difficulty with the drug regime recommended for this patient is that if her prescribed drug is given up (at least suddenly) it may lead to serious and severe consequences such as seizures and if continued, it builds up into side effects like Parkinson’s and worse after prolonged use, and while in use, dulls a person so that they cannot function in a normal and alert manner.

Check out some of the following links for medicinal use of Marijuana


An excellent new article on the subject, on how marijuana can help people overdosing on painkillers is here,

How is that Marijuana appears to work for such a large range of psychiatric and emotional disorders? The answer is perhaps the same as it is has been used as an aid to meditation by some ancient mystics in the east, by stabilizing thought processes, curbing chaos in the mind and returning a focus back to it origin. It seems that some of the active compounds found in Marijuana are the same as those found in mother's milk that keep young babies healthy.
This study is not in the interest of the drug industry and some may create hurdles in this exploration . If they did it would be unfortunate in view of its potential to alleviate human suffering and treat conditions that presently remain untreated or are treated by man-made substances that cause more harm than good.
Although mankind would obviously gain by more detailed studies of cannabis, there are at least four sets of humans that will lose. These are first of all a drug industry that may lose a market for very profitable drugs, second are the associations and researchers that are funded by the drug industry, third is the illegal drug mafia that will lose its business if the substance becomes legal and last are the officials and politicians of some countries who may be drawing a share of the profits, directly or indirectly. It goes without saying that those who have derived such benefit in the past or were misled and opposed this substance will be ashamed to now admit they were wrong but then there are always leading lights of the profession like Dr. Sanjay Gupta who are ready to admit that fault and apologize for it.
It may be noted that while the modern medical profession has begun discovering immense advantages of Marijuana in treating several conditions of the mind, brain and psychology, some previously untreatable, others suppressed or controlled by very dangerous substances, there still seems to be an attempt to treat different conditions of the brain with different components of this plant. While even  that is a better alternative than synthetic substances, this author believes that the attempt should be to employ the plant as a whole rather than its individual components.  It may be totally unnecessary to separate Cannabidiol (CBD) from THC but the approach should be to retain both as well as hundreds of other organic components of the plant in the same proportions as nature chose and designed  whenever its medical use is sought, except perhaps for some partial extraction that is carried out by simple processes such as cooking with other common food items preferably full cream milk that aid such extraction. It has been so since ancient times in India. Further an attempt should also not be made to increase the THC component of the plant through breeding techniques but its original balance of CBD and THC needs to be honored.