Has the World become wicked?

While some of the leading prophets that walked the earth predicted that a day shall come soon when the world comes to an end, when wickedness shall be on the rise and the wicked shall be vanquished while removing the good to safe havens. Nevertheless, the world continues to throb with life. This does not mean that the prophets were wrong. Time scales can vary and what is soon for a prophet tuned into timeless Universal Consciousness may be quite different for you and me. In an earlier post in this blog, this blogger had remarked that the way population is increasing on the planet, it might become unsustainable by 2030 or perhaps 2050 and that might be the time that the Lord decides to step in to fix matters.

This time would also coincide, as per the prophets, when much goodness shall disappear from the face of the earth; when selfishness, meanness, wickedness etc. shall rise. Is that happening in our world? On the whole now are humans becoming kinder and nicer folk instead?

I have spent my childhood in India and also presently live here while having lived in other places as well in the interim. During my younger days in India, there was a practice in many North Indian middle class restaurants that when one ordered a meal of a nice spicy dish and oven roasted unleavened bread, dal or a dish of lentils was served free on the side. However bit by bit over the last four decades this practice has vanished and now they charge for it if you want some. There was another practice in the local vegetable shops. When one bought some vegetables for the day’s meal, some herbs like green chilies or coriander used commonly in local dishes were added free to the food basket by the vendor. This practice too has disappeared slowly but surely over the last couple of decades. Now they charge for it if you want some. Could this be a sign that the world has become meaner? However, one cannot jump to conclusions from isolated facts from a developing country. To get a clearer picture one must turn one’s gaze to the largest economies of the world and look at major data, not just a bunch of coriander leaves. Let us look at USA.

Recently it was in the news that while the US economy has started growing, the benefits have only gone to the rich and the income of the middle classes has not increased. That is something that has been happening over the last several decades. The income of the middle classes is not rising while that of the rich are and inequalities are growing. That is something one would expect in a world that has become meaner and more selfish. The rich and powerful control how the economy works. It is not that simple solutions are not available to fix inequalities or the bonuses of bankers. This blog has talked of that earlier.

As regards the poor, homelessness is on the rise even in the richest country of the world and while some might expect some humans to come out in charity, one might even see the reverse in a world gone crazy with wickedness. They might even make it illegal to feed the hungry and the homeless and that is what it seems is  happening in some places. It seems that in Florida they even jailed a ninety year old who had been feeding the homeless for many years.

A time may come when prisoners shall be captured, taken to a far away places to be locked up without trial and tortured, a time when because some one loved the profits of illegal drugs and killed others over it, little children unaccompanied by their parents will run out of their homes in fear, trekking across thousands of mile for a safe haven and when they arrive at one; they shall be gathered and locked up in cold unheated rooms. Is that happening now? This blog has articles on such minors. That is not all, in a wicked world we might see many twit there fingers while children are killed and bombed out of their homes by the thousands and millions and that too is happening unfortunately in our world.

So on the whole dear friend, with all its economic and scientific advancements, does it look like the world is getting kinder or more humane or is it that we are near times of unsustainable wickedness amongst a large and influential section of humanity?

Update: A Himalayan mystic has prophesied that comet Lovejoy is a sign that a Messiah shall be born on earth between the 7th and 9th of January and then eradicate the wicked part of the world when he grows up beginning around Himalayas. Was wondering when he grows up and begins? Anywhere between 16 and 36? that would tie in with speculations in some posts of this blog of 2030-50 perhaps. For the prophesy see


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